How to Access Microsoft Outlook from Anywhere

How to Access Microsoft Outlook from Anywhere
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Summer is still here and there is still time for that last minute vacation. Everything is packed, the hotel is booked, the flight is planned, and you’re ready to go. But what about work? Any business traveler will tell you that the most important thing is to make sure everything is neat and tidy before they go on vacation. But what if you need to check in every once in a while or you’re expecting that important email any day?

If you use Outlook for your business email or even your personal email, accessing Outlook remotely will be an important factor to consider before you leave. Read on for some of the ways you can do this.

Exchange Server & Web Access

If your company uses an Exchange Server, you may be able to access your mail either through a smartphone or by web access. Many smartphones and PDA’s offer the ability to enter in the server information so that you can access your work email on your phone. This of course requires prior permission from your system administrator or boss that you are allowed to have access. Once the information is set up on your phone, you can stay up to date on those important emails.

Here’s an example on how to sync a smartphone to an Exchange server for email. This is also works for those on Windows 7.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still get access by web mail. Web mail is an HTML page that is basically your inbox through the web. This is especially handy if you are on a laptop and need to access email while you’re away. If your company uses this method, make sure to get the web address and then either write it down or bookmark it. The application works just like if you were in front of your desk and email. Here’s some more information on Outlook Web Access.

Remote Desktop Software

Your company may not employ the methods above, but may use the ability to remote into one’s desktop. Remote Desktop software allows a user, usually an IT person, to remote into a trouble machine and look at it. This allows for the technician to immediately look at the problem without the need to schedule or go up to the department or floor in which the problem PC resides.

For employees, especially those that work from home during the week, this type of software allows them to work on their work computer while at home, at school, or even on vacation. If you’re a user of the Windows operating system, you have such a piece of software - the Remote Desktop Connection. If you know the IP address of your work computer or the computer name, you can log in as those you were sitting in front of your work computer. To learn more about RDC and how it works on the new Windows 7, see this Bright Hub article.

RDC isn’t the only remote software available. There are third party applications that you can use as well. These are helpful as they are usually geared towards both Windows and Mac users, as well as smartphone and iPhone users. One of these is Log Me In. Log Me In has several versions for use, but there is also a free version that allows you to do some basic remoting.

After signing up with an email address and password, simply install the application on the computer you want to remote to. This will then allow you to access that computer from any other computer, anywhere in the world. Because this uses the internet as a gateway, it’s extremely important that you do not share your password.


Knowing how to access Outlook remotely is now more easy than ever before. There are now more options for those working from home or going on vacation. Some are offered by an employer, like remotely accessing an Exchange Server or Outlook Web Access; some can be done from a smartphone or PDA; you can even remotely access your desktop computer from anywhere. These tools allow one to keep up or keep ahead of work, even when not in the office.