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Latest Version?

If you do not have iTunes 9 then you need to go to the Apple website and download this version. On the Apple website main page click iTunes at the top then Download iTunes 9 on the next page.

Can’t Open iTunes?

If you cannot open iTunes let’s uninstall it and reinstall it (iTunes 9):

There are a few things you need to uninstall to completely uninstall iTunes from your computer:

Click Start and Control Panel. Select Programs and Features. You will see a list of the programs installed on your computer. Uninstall iTunes, QuickTime Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour and Application Services. When you have finished uninstalling all of these programs restart your computer.

Go to the Apple website, download the file, and save it to your computer. When it is finished downloading right click on the executable file and choose Run as Administrator. Continue with the installation. When the installation is completed, try to open iTunes.

Can’t Install iTunes

Freezing up during installation? Getting error that the action is not valid? Follow the steps below to install iTunes on your Windows 7 computer.

Empty the temp directory. To do this click Start and All Programs, click Accessories, System Tools and Disk Cleanup.

The Disk Cleanup Options dialog box will open. From here choose the hard drive and this will clean the temp files along with other unneeded files. If you are prompted for an administrator password enter it and click OK then select Delete files to confirm. Disk Cleanup will then remove the files.

Close all programs running on your computer. Next, we need to show hidden files and folders. Click Start and Control Panel. Select Appearance and Personalization and click Folder Options. Click the View tab and under Advanced settings select Show hidden files and folders and click OK.

Click Start and Computer. Click the hard drive (C:). Click the AppData folder and select the Local folder. Right click on the Temp folder and select Delete. Click Yes to the confirmation.

Restart your computer and install iTunes.

If you still can’t install iTunes make sure you have Administrator rights. If you are not sure if you are signed on as an administrator then check your account to be sure.

iTunes requires Windows 7 with SP1. If you don’t have the latest updates then update Windows and try to install iTunes again.


If you have a Windows 7 64-bit computer there is a separate version of iTunes 9 that you need to install. The iTunes download from Apple’s main website is for a 32-bit system. The website is for the 64-bit version of iTunes 9.

If you have a 64-bit computer iTunes should work if you download it from the link above..