Where to Find Avery Templates for Microsoft Word

Where to Find Avery Templates for Microsoft Word
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Two Ways to Get Avery Templates in Word

There are two ways you can get Avery templates in Microsoft Word. One option is to locate the Avery template by searching through the templates on Microsoft Word. The second option is to download an Avery template online that is compatible with Microsoft Word.

Find the Template in Word

There are many templates available in Microsoft Word for different paper products. Search for the template for your Avery product by searching by vendor and product number.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and click Mailings from the Word Ribbon. You can create labels for envelopes here and find

    templates for different paper products.

  2. Click Labels from the Create section of the Mailings menu. The Envelopes and Labels window will open with the Labels menu showing.

  3. Click the Options button located near the bottom of the window to search for Avery templates. A window called Label Options will open.

  4. Look to the section labeled Label information and click the arrow beside Label vendors to search for Avery templates.

  5. Look at the package of your Avery product and find the product number. For example, your product number may read A4 2480.

  6. Select the appropriate vendor from the Label vendors list. There are three Avery vendors you can choose from based on the product you have. For example, if your product number is A4 2480, you would select Avery A4/A5 from the list. After you select an Avery vendor, a list of product numbers will open below the vendor name.

  7. Refer to your Avery product again and search for the product number from the package in the list of product numbers. For example, if your product number is A4 2480, click 2480 from the list of product numbers.

  8. Click OK after you select the product number and then click New Document when you return to the Envelopes and Labels window. The Avery template you selected will open in a new document. You can now edit it to suit your needs.

Download an Avery Template

Search for an Avery template compatible with Microsoft Word online. You can find a template by using the product number or by entering a description of the product.

  1. Go to the Avery website to search for a template for Microsoft Word.

  2. Look at the package your Avery product came in and find the product number. After you find the number, enter it in the form


    under Search Templates & Software on the Avery website and press Enter. Your product will open in a new page. If you don’t know your product number, enter a description of the product instead.

  3. Click View Templates under the product description to find a template for Word.

  4. Search through the available templates until you find one that says For all versions of Word (or for your version of Word, such as Word 2007).

  5. Click Download to begin downloading the Avery template. A window will open asking for your information, including your name and email. After you enter this information, you will be asked whether you want to receive emails from Avery. Check the box next to Yes! Send Avery emails to me or No, not at this time.

  6. Click Submit. A box will open asking what you want to do with the template; check the box next to Open with Microsoft Office Word and click OK. The template will finish downloading and will open in a new Word document. You can now edit the template.