How To Insert Logo Bitmaps For Microsoft Money Invoices

How To Insert Logo Bitmaps For Microsoft Money Invoices
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Why Should You Customize Your Invoices?

When you’re using the same tools as other businesses, it can seem as though there are few options to add your own identity to documents you email and print.

However this isn’t the case – especially with Microsoft applications, where there are many ways to enhance your communications with letterheads, logos and more.

Customizing invoices in any of the Microsoft Money Business editions can give your business an added veneer of professionalism, particularly if you are able to do this with a memorable company logo to develop your brand.

This guide examines how to customise printed elements of Microsoft Money, including inserting logo bitmaps for Microsoft Money invoices. (Note that other graphic image formats can also be imported.)

Requiring very little technical skill, this process can give great results.

Easy, Basic Steps

Inserting logo bitmaps for Microsoft Money invoices is relatively simple.

Using the Money Invoice Designer (Start > Programs > Microsoft Money 2007 Home & Business > Money Invoice Designer), you can edit any invoice template, and add a logo into any template with space for the logo to appear.

To insert your logo into a Microsoft Money invoice, start by opening the invoice design you feel will most suit your logo. Go to File > Open and choose an invoice template labelled “(Logo).”

Next, find the logo placeholder and double click your left mouse button – this will open the standard Windows browse dialogue box. You can now choose any image file of the *.BMP, *.JPG or *.GIF standard and insert it into this space.

These invoices are totally customisable – you can also change the colour of the invoice background, which might prove useful if your logo is particularly striking or has an unusual colour scheme. Similarly, title backgrounds, font style and colour can all be changed, while your invoice template can even be rearranged.

Finding Logos

If you don’t have any logos on hand, you should be able to find them on company stationery, letter heads, brochures or other documentation that you might have stored on your computer.

For instance, if you have a Microsoft Word document with a letter head, you should be able to copy this image and save it as a bitmap. One way of doing this is to open the document, and on your keyboard press the Print Screen key.

Next, go to Start > Programs > Paint, and in the Microsoft Windows art package go to Edit > Paste. Then use the sizing options to crop the image down to just the logo. Finally, go to File > Save as…, give the image a name and save it – you’re then ready to insert your logo bitmap into a Microsoft Money invoice!