How to Recover Emails Lost in Microsoft Outlook Express

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Recover Deleted Emails

The Microsoft Outlook email programs have a mailbox that holds your emails whether they are deleted or not. This is very helpful when you delete one email or a group of emails by accident. It’s a scary thought to be at work and realized you deleted a very important email. The information below will help you recover the lost emails in Microsoft Outlook Express.

Spam Folders

It is possible that emails you were expecting went into your Spam folder. Maybe you thought you deleted the emails but maybe you never saw them in the first place. It happens to many people. Check your Spam folder before you do anything else just to be sure they are not there.

Bounced Messages

Some emails messages get bounced. This means the server bounced the message you sent back to you or vice versa. This can happen for many reasons such as the email address is wrong or the reply to address is wrong. Your mailbox could be full and you need to delete some emails you don’t need anymore. The message could also be too large to reach your mailbox depending upon what your maximum size is set to.

Email Recovery Tools

If you didn’t find emails in your Spam folder or you didn’t have any bounced messages you need to use a program to get them back. By far the best way to recover emails lost in Microsoft Outlook Express is an email recovery program. Some of these programs are listed below .

Recover My Email is a software program that recovers deleted emails. It is a good program that gets very good reviews.

DBX Repair will recover deleted Outlook Express emails. It will also repair a damaged .dbx file if that is needed.

Outlook Express Repair recovers deleted emails in Outlook Express. It will also repair email if the DBX and MBX files are corrupt.

Disk Doctors Email Recovery software repairs damaged *.dbx files and recovers email files once the recovery process is over. When the emails are recovered you have to import them to a new folder inside Outlook Express. The instructions on how to do this are included with the software when you purchase it. This program will recover emails that are deleted from any .dbx or .mbx folder or rapair damaged .dbx and .mbx files.


It is best to use an email recovery program as soon as possible. It is also best not to use Outlook Express until you recover the emails. You also need to back up your Outlook Express emails on a regular basis.

It is a good idea to put your email messages in a folder to ensure you don’t lose them again. You can never be too careful and it’s a good feeling knowing you have a backup in case of problems.