Counting the Top Ten Free Cover Pages for Microsoft Office - Word Cover Page Templates: 10-8

Counting the Top Ten Free Cover Pages for Microsoft Office - Word Cover Page Templates: 10-8
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When looking for free cover pages templates for Microsoft Office to use in your writing projects, you may be wondering: “What kind of choices are there, and which one suits my needs best?” Well, guess what: I’m here to help you in making the right decision for your needs based on the purpose of your specific writing project. For this guide, I scouted the Microsoft Office Online template database in an effort to outline my top ten selections across every writing project I can pinpoint and help you select the right one for your specific task. So if you’re ready to get started, let’s go straight ahead and count down the selections…

10. MGM Cover Page

MGM Template Thumbnail (Source: Microsoft Office Online)

First up, for those who need a quick go-to for a construction plan proposal, the MGM cover page template within the Microsoft Office 2007 document creator in Word provides an efficient, clean design that provides requisite space for the company logos, date of presentation and other crucial details for the proposal materials in question. In addition to the cover page, there is a basic table of contents page included alongside this free template for each set of construction materials and the associated costs. There are also editable reference fields for setting page numbers within the proposal documents.

9. APA Cover Page Templates

APA Cover Page Template Thumbnail (Source: Microsoft Office Online)

For the seasoned college, university or other type of student, the APA Cover Page template in Word 2007 (see preview to the right) provides an easy, ready to go cover page for a standard APA-style term paper or other class assignment requiring a written essay or thesis project conforming to the standard APA publishing format. Entry spaces for the student’s name, project title and due date are easily visible for editing, as are spaces for the short title of the project and built-in page number calculation.

Alternatively, a complete, ready-to-go APA-formatted “everything in the kitchen sink” term paper is available, complete with helpful instructions, a references page example and other useful additions to the image at left, with a few slight additions for use where required by the college or university, which can also be edited to fit your specific requirements.

8. Project Report

Project Report Template Example

This clever template provides space for a document title, subtitle, author’s name and date of publication, along with a dedicated text block for typing up an abstract of the document itself. The cover page itself is accented with three circles-within-circles constructs with vertical slants at two different angles connected to two of the circular constructs, with the rightmost line positioned at a steep angular slant compared to the leftmost line. Additionally, the author name field is automatically filled in with the name of the currently logged-in Windows user insofar as the Office settings for that particular user; however, this can also be changed if needed in order to correct an abnormal sign-in name if the user’s Office profile contains a generic login name. A traditional date selector construct also simplifies the process of choosing the date of publication.

7. Red and Black Zen Asian Bamboo Cover Page

Red and Black Zen Asian Bamboo Document Cover Page Example

This simple cover page, as created by Everground Designs, features a zen asian design with black and red hues and the faint image of bamboo stalks on the right side. In almost the direct middle on a vertical placement, and at a horizontal trajectory is a design with a circles-within-circles appearance, though with only the top portions of the circles as if they were laid out as fish scales. The lower part of this bar consists of a black-tinted background with white serif-accented lettering on the front in all caps to signify where the document title is placed within the bounds of the cover page.

6. Finance Binder and Spines or Document Cover Page

Finance Binder and Spines or Document Cover Page Example

Yes, the name is correct! Designed to be used with a financial report project, this template uses the Masonic “All-Seeing-Eye” as displayed on the American one-value dollar bill supplemented with green and blue hues to the left to accent light blue and aqua-colored waves on the lower half of the front page, where the subtitle, volume, issue and date information is displayed.

On the second page are title slips for the binder spine structured at varying widths; you simply choose which slip size fits the binder you wish to use (one, one-and-a-half, two or three inches) based on your requirements. The third page and onward, then becomes your space for beginning work on your financial report (or any other type of report); however, if you don’t need the spine slips you can get rid of that page altogether and start with just the cover page and the blank area to start your work.

5. Torn Paper Binder and Spines

Torn Paper Binder and Spines or Document Cover Page Example

This impact statement template (at least that’s what I think it is for, based on the big, bold word inside of the space where the paper appears to have been torn almost completely off) follows the exact same conventions as the finance binder template, so what applies there consequently applies here as well. Aside from that, the design is markedly different, with a color hue that seems like a cross between yellow and orange behind the bold word I mentioned above; a series of dots at the bottom with an repetitive, alternating color pattern of dark aqua-blue, yellowish-orange and dark purplish-red; and aqua-blue date, title and subtitle definitions. The torn paper accent also appears in matching spine strips for each of the four sizes used concurrently between this particular template and that of the finance report design, with the exception of a more-defined orange hue within the torn-paper illusion.

4. Music Report Cover Sheet

Music Report Cover Sheet Example

Going back to college education for a minute or two, this cover sheet for a music review can be used when discussing classical symphonies, opera performances or any type of music-related topic you can imagine. The document type is spelled out clearly across the right side in a pinkish-orange space to alleviate confusion on the intent of your work, and space is provided in the bottom portions of the cover sheet for your name, the course of instruction, who is in charge of the instruction environment, and the date on which the project is due. Topping off the cover sheet is a violin handle (or some other type of string instrument) on a backdrop of a musical score.

3. Six Question Types Exam Cover Page

Six Question Types Cover Page Example

Before we leave the subject of education for the second and final time, I figured I would throw one in for the professors, instructors and other educators out there. This “six questions” cover page is a go-to design for when you need to prepare an exam assignment of any kind (midterm, final or otherwise) and provides six points of input for deciding what total of up to that many question categories will be included on the exam. A space for the student number (in order to ensure privacy) along with spaces for providing the scores of each question type – along with the overall rating of the student’s performance – and includes writing spaces to include the course section code, subject name, time of examination, and a grade/class input for the K-12 set, if applicable.

2. Word Cover Page Template

Word Cover Page Template Example

This simple but effective cover page design is accented by three layers of multiple-colored angular strips with bright, pastel-tinted hues partially folded in a three-dimensional layout, with the rightmost folds positions beside and behind the year of publication. A space for the name of the company for which the document is intended sits abreast the upper-left of the page, with the title, subtitle and document author spaces situated almost center above the pastel risers, albeit with a left-aligned formatting. As with the other templates where the author’s name can be specified, the default entry is based on your system configuration. But even this is not as simplistic as…

1. Building Cover Page

Building Cover Page Example

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why, out of all these selections, does the most simplistic of the top ten have to be the number one choice? Well, here’s my answer: sometimes a fancy-pants template just won’t do. It’s not a joke: after all, the person for whom the document is intended may well be a college professor who strictly forbids anything but a plain-jane cover page – or the boss at the office wants the entire project to be as simplified as possible. So yes, even though my number-one choice has only a clip-art image reminiscent of downtown skyscrapers to accent the page – and a very small one at that – this image is easily removed in order to fit the needs of even the most stringent requirements. And if you’re not down with that, just go ahead and suck it up ‘cause I’m not changing my mind… EVER!

Okay, so that’s not entirely true: if you honestly, seriously think you can top my ideas, feel free to sound off in the comments. I’m not going to stop you in that respect…