Create a Pie Chart in Microsoft Word

Create a Pie Chart in Microsoft Word
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Create a Pie Chart in Word

If you want to make a pie chart using Microsoft Word, you can select and insert a pie chart in little time. After you select the pie chart you want to use, you must add data to the chart using an Excel spreadsheet. Having the ability to add a pie chart to a Word document is useful if you want to brighten up a report or want something to represent data about which you have written.

Select a Pie Chart to Insert in Word

  1. Open the Word document into which you want to insert a pie chart.
  2. Click on the place in the document to which you want to add the pie chart. For example, if you want the pie chart to accompany data mentioned in one paragraph, click above or below the paragraph so the pie chart is inserted here after it is created.
  3. Click Insert from the Word ribbon and then click the Chart button. The Chart button is located in the Illustrations section of the ribbon. A window called Insert Chart will open. You can browse for and select a pie chart here.
  4. Look to the Templates section located in the pane to the left of the window. The different chart categories available are listed here. Some of the charts you can choose from include doughnut charts, stock charts, and pie charts.
  5. Click Pie from the templates list to view the pie charts available or use your mouse to scroll to the Pie section.
  6. Select the pie chart you want to insert in your document. Pie charts you can choose from include a basic pie chart and an exploded pie chart. Pick the chart that best suits the information in your document.
  7. Click OK to add the pie chart to your Word document.

Add Data to a Pie Chart in Word

After you select a pie chart to add to your Word document, an Excel spreadsheet will open in a window beside your Word document. Word and Excel side-by-side.You must edit the Excel spreadsheet and include the data you want represented in the pie chart.

  1. Remove the sample text from the pie chart.
  2. In Column A/Row 2, begin adding the labels you want displayed in the legend of the pie chart. The labels are color-coded in the pie chart and a wedge of the pie will represent each label.
  3. In Column B/Row 1, add the title of your pie chart and then add the data below the title. The data should correspond with the labels.
  4. Click the Office Button if you want to keep the Excel spreadsheet for later use. Click Save As and then enter a name for the spreadsheet when the Save As window opens. Click Save to save the spreadsheet.
  5. Open your Word document. The pie chart is now inserted in your document and displays the information you added to the Excel spreadsheet. You can continue editing your document or you can click the Save icon to save your work.