Insert a Copyright Symbol in Microsoft Word

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If you need to add a copyright symbol to a word or phrase in your Microsoft Word document, there are two ways to insert the symbol. You can insert a symbol by selecting the copyright symbol from a menu of symbols or you can press the appropriate keys from your keyboard to insert the symbol. Both methods of inserting a copyright symbol take little time to complete.

One way you can insert a copyright symbol in Microsoft Word is by navigating the Word ribbon. The Word ribbon refers to the menu that runs across the top of your document. When you click one of the menu tabs, such as Home or View, a sub-menu will open. There is a section of the Word ribbon where you can view and select symbols to insert in your document.

  1. Open the Word file that you want to insert a copyright symbol into.
  2. Click in the spot in your Word document where you want to insert the symbol. Simply use your mouse to point and click in the space you want to insert the symbol.
  3. Click the Insert tab located in the Word ribbon at the top of the page. You can insert pictures, charts, and symbols here.
  4. Look to the Symbols section of the tab and click the Symbols button. A box will pop out that has several symbols you can choose from. For example, you can select a Euro symbol, Greek symbol, and a copyright symbol.
  5. Click the copyright symbol to insert the symbol in your document. If you want to move the copyright symbol to a different place in the document, highlight the symbol, right-click, and select cut. Then select a different position in the document, right-click, and select paste.
  6. Click the Save icon located in the Quick Access Toolbar to the right of the Office button to save the changes made to your document.

You can also insert a copyright symbol into your Word document by combining specific keys on the keyboard. These are called “keyboard shortcuts.” There are keyboard shortcuts for inserting other symbols and characters in Word , as well. For example, you can insert a smiley face or add an accent over a letter by using a keyboard shortcut. To insert a copyright symbol in Word using a keyboard shortcut, you only need to combine three characters.

  1. Use your mouse to point to the place in the Word document where you want to insert the copyright symbol.
  2. Enter the following characters and make sure not to put any space between the characters: (c) After you enter (c) the copyright symbol will appear automatically.
  3. Save the document after you have finished inserting copyright symbols. Click the Save icon located in the Quick Access Toolbar.

After you have finished inserting copyright symbols and have saved your document, you may close your Word document or continue working.