How to Fix the BOOTMGR is Missing Error on Windows Vista or WIndows 7

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Fix a BOOTMGR is missing error

Have you received the BOOTMGR is missing error? We discuss what causes this error message and how to fix this error message. These instructions work for both Vista and Windows 7.

What is the Bootmgr is missing error and what causes it ?

The bootmgr is missing message comes up after the POST test is done because the system can not find the bootmanager. Some times it will appear saying BOOTMGR is missing / press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart, or it comes up BOOTMGR is missing / press any key to restart, or it will come up saying Couldn’t find BOOTMGR.

What are some of the causes of the BOOTMGR is missing error? It:

  • could just be a fluke.
  • could be is that there are hard drive and operating system upgrade issues.
  • could also be having a problem with corrupt or misconfigured files.
  • could be caused by corrupt hard drive sectors,
  • could be caused by an outdated version of BIOS.
  • could be that you have damaged or loose ide cables.
  • could be that you are trying to boot from a hard drive or a flash drive that was or is not configured to boot from.

What are some things that can be done to fix the BOOTMGR is missing error ?

Now let’s look at some of the things that can be done to fix the BOOTMGR is missing error.

  • The first thing that you should is to restart your PC because the BOOTMGR is missing error could just be a fluke.
  • If the problem is caused by an outdated BIOS all you need to do is update your BIOS.
  • Your problem maybe caused by damaged or loose ide cables so check to make sure that your ide cables are not loose or damaged. If they are then you need to reinsert the cables and if they are damaged then you need to replace the cables.
  • If your hard drive or flash drive are not configured to boot from then you need to configure them to make them bootable.
    • To do this first go into your BIOS and make sure they are set up in your BIOS as the device to be booted from.

Now if the problem that you are having is not in one of these categories:

  • you will need a Windows Vista, or a Windows 7 disc.
    • Insert the disc and reboot the computer.
    • When the screen comes up select the language and click next.
    • Then select the option to Repair your computer.
    • Next select the option Start Up Repair and click next.

If the other suggestions don’t work then this one most likely will, but if it does not then:

You may need to reinstall the Operating System on your computer.

  • Follow instructions with your operating system.