How to Become Microsoft Certified in PowerPoint

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How to become certified in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is presentation software produced by Microsoft. This article will discuss what you can do with a PowerPoint certification, what your options are for learning the skills required, where you can obtain training materials, where you can go to take the certification test and what it may cost. In addition, the requirements for PowerPoint certification will be covered.

What are the requirements for the PowerPoint Certification?

Before you can take the PowerPoint certification, you have to meet certain requirements. You must have at least one year of experience using PowerPoint. You also need to have had twenty hours of preparation time with an instructor-led class, self-study course or computer based training. You must know how to create content, format content, track changes, merge, manage and deliver presentations.

What can you do with a PowerPoint certification?

PowerPoint certification is just one part of the overall Microsoft Specialist Certification. With the PowerPoint Certification, you can get a job creating, managing and presenting presentations for corporations like Microsoft or some other corporation. Imagine standing in front of the Microsoft Corporation because they chose you to create, manage and deliver presentations for them.

So how do I become PowerPoint Certified?

If you are not already using PowerPoint, you should start doing so immediately. Next, seek some type of schooling. This can be an instructor-led class, computer-based study or self-study. You can find instructor-led classes at a technical school or a community college. If you want to do a computer-based study course, you can go to and order the courses. You can also check local retailers, such as Barnes and Noble or Waldenbooks as they may have the computer study courses as well. If you want to do self-study courses, BrainBench is a recommended site to use. At BrainBench, they have self-study courses for PowerPoint 2000, 2003, and 2007. Alternatively, you can go to the bookstores mentioned previously.

Where do I go to get the certification test?

Once you have experience and training in PowerPoint, you need to know where to go to get your PowerPoint Certification. If you are going through a tech school or a community college, they will usually give you the test, although you have to pay for it. You can set up a test through Microsoft. Alternatively, you can find a website online like BrainBench or NCSA. On both of these sites, you have to create an account. They provide the PowerPoint 2000, and 2003 test free, but you have to pay for the PowerPoint 2007 certification.Now at the PowerPoint 2000, and 2003 test are free, but for the Power Point 2007 certification it cost $49.99. At the Power Point 2000, and 2003 certifications are free just like at brain bench but to take the 2007 Power Point certification test you have to pay for the Premium membership account.