Top Windows 7 Add-Ons for Improved Functionality and Capabilities

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Reviewing The Top Windows Add-ons

Before you decide that Windows 7 is “just another Windows thing with Windows Add-ons” or a “mere upgrade to XP,” think again. The slick interface can belie the presence of a totally different, powerful and thoroughly efficient beast lurking under the hood. By itself, Windows 7 is capable of doing quite a lot. However, you can turn it into an even more powerful tool by appending a few add-ons or downloads to the already full-featured operating system:

Windows 7 System Recovery Disks****: If you just got yourself a brand new computer or a laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed, you may not have a disc with a copy of Windows 7 burnt on it. You’ll probably have a recovery disk at the most. It is now easier to fix Windows 7 by using the recovery disc available and hosted by Neosmart Technologies. Remember that it doesn’t replace your copy of Windows 7 with a new one; it just recovers your Windows 7 from anything that might have ruined it in the first place. I think this is a very important Windows 7 add-on to have so as to protect your computer or be able to recover it.

Ninite: If you have a lot of applications to install, you might – like most do – dread the fact that you have to go through a wizard to set each of these applications up and install them manually. Instead, you can use Ninite to install your software fast through a customized installer. All you have to do to use Ninite is to go to the website, select the applications you want and all of them are installed for you in the background while you are working away. Not even Ninite is installed on to your computer. If you want more juice, you could opt for Ninite Pro which is even faster and has features like “saved downloads” which could help you put up custom software and applications on multiple computers.

Gmail On Desktop****: If you are like most Internet users today, you would have already made the switch to Gmail. If you are like me, you would also be using Gmail for your official or business purposes. Incoming emails could be as important as paychecks coming in, right? Why not let it come straight to your desktop? It would be cool, wouldn’t it? Gmail Notifier Plus enables you to do just that. It not only allows you to keep on top of all the new messages you receive but will also give you a quick subject line preview of the incoming mail when you hover your cursor on top of it. The icon of the notifier sits right on the task bar. You will also have the ability to compose an email, head off to reply to any of your messages, view the messages in a new browser window, etc.