IE7Pro. Can it Make Internet Explorer Better than Firefox?

IE7Pro. Can it Make Internet Explorer Better than Firefox?
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So you’ve dumped your IE6 at last and installed IE7! You like its sleek look and nifty features compared to IE6 but still feel something is lacking? Well- actually somebody else felt the same and that’s why they developed IE7 Pro.

IE7 pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 7 which enhances many features. It makes browsing in IE7 easier, secured and more customizable. Its main features include an Ad Blocker, Tab Enhance, Inline Search (Like in Firefox), Spell Checker, Crash Recovery, Mouse Gesture, User script (think Greasemonkey), Flash Block, Super Drag Drop, FasterIE (Makes IE faster) and many more. IE has been losing ground to Firefox and Opera over the years, owing to the many superior features of the other two. IE7Pro tries to fill the gap, or at least narrow it down, by providing many extra features which are not present in Internet Explorer by default. This add-on for Internet Explorer 7 has been very popular and Microsoft recommends it as one of the top five add-ons to download for Internet Explorer.

Where can I get it?

You can download IE7Pro from here. Once installed, it can be enabled or disabled from ‘Tools’ -> ‘Manage Add-ons’, and its options (Image 3) can be accessed from ‘Tools’ -> ‘IE7Pro Preferences’ or from the IE7Pro icon in the status bar. (Image 2).

Key Features of IE7pro:

Crash Recovery: This feature has been there in Firefox for quite a while. Every time Firefox crashes (though it happens rarely, unlike IE), the next time you start Firefox it provides you with an option to restore the previous session. IE7Pro introduces a similar feature in IE7.

Ad Blocker: It blocks ad sites and removes banners, image ads and flash ads!

Super Drag and Drop: Drag a hyper link and drop it, and IE7Pro will automatically open it in a new tab. Or you can select some text and drag and drop it; IE7Pro will search for the text using the search engine you selected.

Mouse Gestures: Mouse Gestures lets the user hold down a mouse button and move the mouse in a certain way to form a gesture, and then release the mouse button to perform a specific task. In IE7Pro it can be used to go back or forward a page, stop, refresh, reload, close, print, save, scroll current tab page, open new tabs and several other functions.

Inline Search: If you use Firefox you will know how its search works. IE7Pro makes IE7’s search work the same way, that is, instead of opening search in a new dialog box, it resides just above the status bar.

Spell Checker: IE7Pro Spell Checker checks any text you enter and alerts you of errors.

User Scripts: IE7Pro Script is to Internet Explorer7 what Greasemonkey is to Firefox. It lets you install scripts which make changes to any web page to add any extra feature or modify its look in the browser environment.

MiniDM: MiniDM is the download manager included in IE7Pro. It has a very simple interface and features like pause and resume downloads, a system tray icon to display download status, etc..

IE7pro has a very active community and has been growing fast. If you are a regular Firefox user, stick to it. But if you are an Internet Explorer user, download and install IE7pro. You will definitely like it.

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