How to Transform Vista into a Windows 7 Look-a-Like

How to Transform Vista into a Windows 7 Look-a-Like
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Still Using Windows Vista?

There are many users still using the Windows Vista operating system. Some users are waiting for Windows 7 to go through the complete road test before making the decision to upgrade to Windows 7. Other users simply like the comfort of using Windows Vista and would prefer not to learn a new operating system. Although you are still using Windows Vista, there are several visual enhancements and features in Windows 7 you may wish to take advantage of. From the completely redesigned taskbar, now called the superbar, to the ability to peek into open program windows, you can achieve most of the visual enhancements and functionality of Windows 7. Listed below are the best Windows 7 themes for Vista.

Windows 7 Style for Vista by giannisgx89

One of the best Windows 7 themes for Vista is the Windows 7 Style for Vista by deviantart user giannisgx89. The theme includes a complete replication of Windows 7 including an aero theme, a complete icon set, window decorations, and start menu replication. To get the complete functionality of this theme, you will have to download a 3rd party application for patching your system files to accommodate the requirements of the theme. The download is free and will not cause any harm to your system. In addition to patching your system, you will also have to ensure your Windows Vista system is up-to-date with all the Windows Vista updates from Microsoft.

Windows 7 theme for Windows Vista v3.0

Windows 7 Theme for Windows Vista 3.0 in Action

Ganesh on the The Windows Club Forum (discussion of theme) has released a complete transformation pack to make Windows Vista look and feel like Windows 7. Included in the zipped theme pack is a .exe file that installs the Windows 7 theme to Vista. The theme pack changes the Vista taskbar to the Windows 7 superbar, replaces the Vista icons with Windows 7 icons, replicates the Windows 7 start menu, and applies the standard Windows 7 wallpaper. There is also a readme file included if you need help on how to install the theme. To download Windows 7 theme for Windows Vista 3.0, simply use this link.

Transparent World by gespy119

Lucid Aero by Gespy119

Lucid Aero by deviantart user gespy119 is an elegant black aero theme to get Windows Vista looking like Windows 7. Lucid Aero has been recently updated to reflect changes to the Windows 7 user interface. The Lucid Aero theme includes a Windows 7 icon pack, aero supported windows, programs, and taskbars, as well as a Windows 7 based start menu. The Lucid Aero Vista theme also supports the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, and is one of the few Windows 7 Vista themes to do so. Lucid Aero comes in a zip file which includes a readme for installation instructions and all the resources you need to get the theme installed. The only element not included in the theme pack is the wallpaper. You will have to find a suitable background wallpaper that fits your needs.

Theme On!

The above three themes are guaranteed to give you the feeling of using Windows 7 even though you are still on Vista. While the creation of Windows 7 themes have diminished, these themes are still supported through forums and the artists’ page if you need help downloading and installing the themes. Whether you just want to get familiar with Windows 7 before making the upgrade or you just want to enjoy the many visual enhancements that accompany Windows 7, these themes will certainly accommodate your needs until you are ready to make the switch to Windows 7, if at all.