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Keyboard shortcuts can make your work (and play) so much easier. You can navigate to tools and features without having to move your fingers away from the keyboard to your mouse. You probably already use several standard Windows keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. Now you can add some special Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts to your repertoire.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows key is the one on your keyboard with an image of the Windows flag. You will typically find it to the left of your spacebar. There are many Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key, as well as Windows key shortcuts that work for other versions of Windows as well. Following are several Windows key shortcuts you can use in Windows 7.

Windows Key - Opens the Start Menu

Windows Key + D - Displays the desktop

Windows Key + M - Minimizes all open windows

Windows Key + Spacebar - All windows become transparent so that the desktop is visible while pressing and holding this keyboard shortcut

Windows Key + Down Arrow - Reduces a maximized window and minimizes a smaller sized window

Windows Key + Up Arrow - Maximizes a smaller window to full screen

Windows Key + Tab - Cycles through open windows

Windows Key + = - Opens the Magnifier

Windows Key + L - Locks your computer

Windows Key + G - Cycles through your gadgets

Windows Key + P - Opens Presentation View, which allows you to switch to another monitor or projector.

Several Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts are specific to the Windows taskbar. Here are some useful Windows 7 shortcuts for the taskbar.

Windows Key + Number (1 - 9) - Brings up the current window of the corresponding application pinned to the taskbar. If the application is not already in use, this keyboard shortcut will open it. For example, if you have Internet Explorer, Outlook and Word pinned to the taskbar at the right of the Start button, Windows Key + 1 will open IE, Windows Key + 2 will open Outlook and so on.

Shift + Windows Key + Number (1 - 9) - Opens a new instance of the corresponding application pinned to the taskbar.

Windows Key + T - Brings up a view of each taskbar application currently in use, in order from left to right.

Windows Key + Shift + T - Previews the taskbar items from right to left.

More Shortcuts

As stated, many other keyboard shortcuts that worked with previous versions of Windows work equally well in Windows 7. Check out the Bright Hub article Learn Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Windows 7, as well. If you prefer a hardcopy version, go to Print and Save: List of Keyboard Shortcuts.