Using the Internet Explorer Favorites Organizer

Using the Internet Explorer Favorites Organizer
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There are several ways you can organize your Internet Explorer Favorites, including using folders, sorting them alphabetically and rearranging your list of favorites or links on the Favorites toolbar. Learn how to use the various Internet Explorer favorites organizer features and methods to keep track of your bookmarked websites in IE.

Use Folders to Organize IE Favorites

Adding folders in which to store your Internet Explorer favorites is a great way to organize your bookmarked websites by groups or categories. To make a folder for your favorites in Internet Explorer 7, cick the Add Favorites button on the IE toolbar and select Organize Favorites. If you are using IE8, click the Favorites button on the toolbar. Click the drop-down arrow next to Add to Favorites and then click on Organize Favorites.

The Internet Explorer Organize Favorites dialog box will open. Click the New Folder button to add a new folder to your favorites list. Type in a name for the folder and press the Enter key. Repeat, making as many folders as you want.

To use these folders as Internet Explorer favorites organizers, click on favorites already in your list and drag them to the appropriate folders, or click on favorites link you want to move to a folder, click the Move button and select the folder to which you want to move it.

 Internet Explorer Favorites Organizer - Rename or Delete

You can rename an existing favorites folder from the Organize Favorites dialog box. Click on the folder you want to change and then click the Rename button. The folder’s current name will become highlighted so that you can type the new name right over the old one. If you want to delete a favorites folder and all of its contents, click on the folder to select it and then click the Delete button on the Organize Favorites dialog. When Internet Explorer asks if you are sure you want to delete the folder, click Yes.

Rearrange IE Favorites and Folders

The next Internet Explorer favorites organizer tip entails rearranging your folders and favorites in the list. You can organize your Internet Explorer favorites by rearranging your list in a way that makes the most sense to you. For instance, you might want to place those you use most frequently near the top of the list.

Open the Organize Favorites dialog box as in the previous section. Click on the link or folder you want to move and drag it to the position you desire.

Sort IE Favorites Alphabetically

 Internet Explorer Favorites Organizer - Sort by Name

If you prefer your Internet Explorer favorites organized alphabetically, you can rearrange them this way in a snap. Open the Favorites menu, right-click any item in the list and select Sort by Name. This Internet Explorer favorites organizer will sort the list alphabetically by the first name in the title of each link in ascending order.

If you have favorites pinned to your Internet Explorer Favorites toolbar, you can organize them, as well. Simply click on a link in the Favorites toolbar, drag it to the desired spot on the toolbar and drop it there.

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