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Well, millions of iPod lovers have iPod Shuffle, and they’ve always longed for other apps to be able to sync to besides iTunes. Some of the features of iTunes aren’t frequently required by everybody, and at times it turns out to be slow to sync the entire library to the iPod.

Surprisingly, some iPod fans don’t enjoy iTunes as much as they enjoy Windows Media Player. So, here’s some great news for all the WMP supporters who’ve long waited for this. MGTEK dopisp, which is a handy plug-in for WMP, makes this possible and allows you to sync literally everything, with rare exceptions. You can effortlessly sync not just MP3 files, but also other music files, except the DRM tracks.

Having known about this great piece of news, now let us take a closer look at MGTEK dopisp, the magical plug-in that makes it possible.

MGTEK dopisp

Without requiring any external user interface, MGTEK dopisp allows you to launch Windows Media Player and sync all the music to the iPod on-the-fly. No fluff, no complications, it is simply amazing to be able to sync iPod shuffle to Windows Media Player with MGTEK dopisp.

Tech Specs

Here’s a detailed look at the technical specifications of MGTEK dopisp

* Full support for MP3 tags

* Capability to sync MP3s from Windows Media Player to iPod, and vice versa.

* Two-way sync of ratings and play-counts.

* Support for album art, title, genre, album name, ratings, and other details.

* Support for custom play lists.

Requirements and Supported Formats

As far as the systems requirements are concerned, you require a PC with Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11 or 12, as well as an iPod to try this out.

MGTEK dopisp supports only USB connectivity with iPod®, iPod Nano®, and iPod Shuffle®

MP3 with variable bit rates from 16 to 320 Kbps, MPEG-4 videos, and .aac audio files can be synchronized, with DRM-protected tracks being the only exception.

Getting Started with Dopisp

You can try MGTEK dopisp by downloading the 30-day trial version. If you’re you decide to purchase it, the cost is about $20.

To download MGTEK dopisp, click here

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