QuickJump Review - Ease of Navigation

QuickJump Review - Ease of Navigation
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QuickJump – What the Publisher Says

QuickJump is one of the Windows utilities that promise to make your life less aggravating. This product aims to solve one of the more common Windows issues: it promises to make Windows folder navigation easy.

The publisher claims that QuickJump will help you:

  • Open Windows folders with just few keystrokes.
  • Quickly use “File Open” and “Save As” windows of any Windows application to the right folder.
  • For system administrators, QuickJump can be centrally configured and administered via Active Directory.

That’s much more than what anyone will need, considering the need for navigation through folders. Will it actually perform to that level? I installed QuickJump on my laptop to check out the reality of QuickJump, a software that promises you ease of navigation, thereby saving you time.

Here is what I found about the product.

QuickJump Review – Easy Installation, Easy Configuration, Easy to Use

The installations took few clicks and few seconds - not a bad start!

Post installation, the quick launch guide opened up in my web browser to guide how to use it. The demonstration video actually helps you to understand the functions and usages of the application.

I found the CTRL+SHIFT+J option a bit cumbersome. I would suggest something like a double “ALT” or double “SHIFT” (similar to double CTRL for Google Desktop). I changed the default CTRL+SHIFT+J to a more convenient shortcut: Window key+J (The option is available when you click “Option” in the menu that pops up when you click the QuickJump icon in the right of your taskbar).

The Configure folder option was a breeze, and I could easily include or exclude the desired folders. I did miss an option to configure the entire “My Computer” at one go. You can add the drives individually or use the option to add “My Computer” to further enhance its usage.

Once you’re done configuring the folder, you just need to press the default CTRL+SHIFT+J (or your selection) which opens up a search box. Type in the initial few letters from the folder name and folder names appear in front of you; highlight the correct file, hit enter and the folder opens up. It also works with the “Save”, “Save As” and “Open” options of several MS Office and other Windows’ application. In short, it actually helps open and save your file to and from the desired location in a very convenient way using the shortcuts. I also added the network drives to QuickJump and it performed at similar speed.

The best things about QuickJump’s performance are its ease to use and its speed; it never eats into your systems resources and in no way affects systems speed. After reading numerous testimonials about the product on its website I had the idea to test it in a real life professional environment.

I recommended QuickJump to a friend who is a freelance recruitment consultant. Here’s what he had to say about the product: “The nature of my business requires me to organize several thousand of files into several folders and sub folders depending on various skills and classifications. It becomes really tiresome to navigate between folders. QuickJump actually makes my life easier. It’s simple, fast, and better than other document management systems I have used so far“.

Bottom line: QuickJump is good for anyone who deals with hundreds of files, organized in several folders/sub-folders and also for everyday Windows’ users. It saves on time without consuming many resources. The only thing I will recommend here is that you go through the demo a few times to understand how it works, or you may have to contact Customer Support again and again.

Verdict: Overall, a system that works well without disturbing any of your programs.

NOTE: In case you download QuickJump and have any suggestions on improvement of the product that offers ease of navigation, use the comments section, as that will allow the product developers to enhance their product. You may also report bugs, if you encounter any.