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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Screen Elements

Honestly, the first time I used Microsoft Office Word 2007 I was astounded by what greeted me as the main Word window. I thought I had accidentally fired up another program. However, after composing myself, I accepted the fact that what I was staring at and about to use was Microsoft Word 2007.

The redesigned Microsoft Office Word interface looks sleeker and the menus are not arranged like previous versions of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office Word 2007 is now composed of various screen elements. Learning about these screen elements is crucial in order to maximize the use of Word 2007.

Office Button - the round control icon located at the upper left corner of the screen. This screen element lets you open the Office Menu to open a file, save a file, print or create a new document.

Ribbon - a combination of menu bar and toolbar, this screen element provides tabbed pages of buttons, lists, and commands.

Quick Access Toolbar - sitting next to the Office Button element are these quick shortcuts that provide access to the most common Word commands including Save, Undo Paste, Repeat Copy and others which you can alternately display. You can customize this toolbar as well.

Status Bar - This screen element contains information about the current document including number of words and pages, the proofreading icon, and the different views available for the document (web layout, full screen, draft). It also contains the zoom-in/zoom-out slider.

Maximize/Restore, Minimize Buttons - Nothing much has changed for these buttons. It is still located on the top right hand side of the screen and still lets you switch between maximized and minimized screen view.

Title Bar - You can still see this on the top-most part of your screen. It contains the file name of the document you are working on and the Word program that is currently active.

Close Button - Still located next to the maximize/restore and minimize buttons. This allows you, of course, to close the current Word doc.

Side Screen Elements - On the right-hand side of the Word windows, you can find three important screen elements - Vertical Scroll Bar, View Ruler, and Browse buttons.

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