Scanners: The top Five Budget Friendly Scanners by Major Industry Brands

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CanonScan Lide 200

The CanonScan Lide 200 offers up a convenient and easy way to scan, copy or create email attachments or PDFs. All you have to do is select which of these outputs you want, and the whole process is automatically done by the scanner. This flatbed color image scanner gives out a color scan with up to 4800 x 9600 dpi resolution. In addition, it lets you produce 19200x19200 extrapolated scan output. Best part is, the CanonScan Lide 200 scans color documents in just 14 seconds. Other features of this new Canon scanner include; shadow-free scanning, low energy usage, four EZ buttons for quick and hassle-free scanning, auto scan mode, single USB 2.0 connectivity. Best part is, it will only set you back around $89.99

HP Scanjet 5590

This flatbed scanner is easy to use- users only need load their original copies, and with one touch of a button the machine will do the rest. Whether it’s a two-sided scanning or multi-page scanning job, the Scanjet 5590 will do the job pretty well. Speed-wise, it can scan up to 8 pages or 4 images per minute in high quality 2400 dpi optical resolution and 48-bit color. It can also scan 35mm slides and negatives, as well as book pages and 3-D objects. It features five easy one-touch buttons for scanning documents and photos, filing documents, sending e-mails and accessing the copy functions. For $299.99 you’ll get a high-performing and energy efficient scanning machine.

Epson Perfection 4490 Photo Flatbed Scanner

The 4490 Photo Flatbed Scanner is an affordable scanning machine from Epson that can deliver high quality scan copy despite being not too expensive. It sells for $129 to $189, depending on the retailer. You will certainly get value for your money with the 4490 Scanner’s professional quality scan outputs- 4800 x 9600 dpi resolution and an impressive 3.4 Dmax. It features the Powerful Digital ICE technology for dust and scratch removal capabilities for film. It also features a one-touch color restoration that brings new life to faded or damaged original copies. Other features of the Epson Perfection 4490 Photo Flatbed Scanner include; automatic scanning, two advanced scanning modes, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity for fast data transfer, and a fully-featured software package that includes Adobe Photoshop Elements and ABBYY Fine Reader Sprint.

Fujitsu fi 60F Flatbed Scanner

This high-speed scanner is ideal for busy office and retail environments. It offers up a quick scanning feature for small documents including insurance cards, Ids, credit cards, passports and many more. The fi 60F flatbed scanner features a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity feature and easy installation process. The best part of this scanner is the fact that it can scan a 200 dpi image quality in a matter of one second. For high-quality and full detail scanning, the fi 60F scanner scans up to 5.83 in. X 4.13 in color, greyscale and monochrome scanning output with 600-dpi optical resolution. Other features of this scanner include; automatic image management, coverless scanning, auto-deskew and auto-cropping features. This scanner will set you back from $250 to $284, depending on your source.

Mustek Scanexpress A3

Mustek may not be as well known a brand as the other previous four scanner manufacturers, but it certainly knows how to come up with a good scanning machine at a very reasonable price. For $179.99, the Mustek Scanexpress A3 is a 300 dpi x 600 dpi photo scanner. This scanner is best suited for scanning printed photos and it can handle 11.7” x 17” documents as well. It can scan single sheets of text or graphics, pages of books, and make images of anything else placed on the glass.

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