How to Find Free PowerPoint Templates

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There are many many free templates available for PowerPoint themes and backgrounds. I came up with 33.5 million pages on my search. I just looked at the top ten on the search results! The templates available are good and there’s a wide choice. You just have to have patience to look through the choices and select the one you want to use. Here, we do your preliminary work.

Wide Choices

The top few sites I found include Free PowerPoint Templates, Indesign, Sonia Coleman’s Digital Studio, Brainy Betty, TemplatesWise, Presentation Helper, Powerbacks, Powered Templates, etc. Each offered a large number of choices organized in specific categories. One site offered 600 free templates and banners like that trying to attract you to the site. These are the top sites in the general category. They offer a wide variety and are not geared to any specific category.

These sites are catering to specialized themes. The Free PowerPoint Templates had the templates organized in Abstract, Medicine, Nature, Patterns, Shapes, Textures, General, Maps & Globes and color.

Sonia Cloeman’s offerings were organized in sets. They had much more to offer in their premium sets.

Brainy Betty offers sets organized by their own criteria. But what distinguishes them are the additional tools they offer for making professional PowerPoint presentations. These include Flash tools. Premium offers are also available.

Templateswise has their offers arranged in abstract, business, finance, general, nature and travel themes.

You might wonder how they can give away these so freely. Many have a business model offering you the free samples and getting you hooked. They have premium items that need to be bought if you want to use those options. Others had ads displayed on their sites. Most often, Adsense or some other ad service providers’ ad program. So these sites attract traffic and then tried to earn money from the ads.

Whatever business model used, they offered a lot of free choices. Some sites offered additional resources. Some of these offered training on PowerPoint. Some had additional resources of articles to read and make your presentations even more effective.

Specific Category Templates

There are sites on the net that cater to very specific templates types. Business is a very popular category. Religious, Christian, Christmas/holiday season and Education are some other popular types available on the Internet. These sites will have templates that fit these themes. They are able to reduce your search if you are able to find the right kind of material in the one category sites. For example, eBible Teacher. com and ChistianPPT had a wide choice in religious templates.

Templates ready is a site you would like to check out if you are looking for educational templates. About. com has a list of very god business templates sites here. Alternatively, general sites have a wide choice for your needs. Many of these sites offered additional items as well. These included sound clips, animations, texture maps, clip art and other decorative material.

The Downside of Free Material

Like most other content on the Internet, not everything is created equal. It always helps if you have a feel for quality rather than gimmicky items. The choices available also are likely to overwhelm you.

There’s a real possibility that you could download some malware with the free stuff. So have your protection shield updated and set up securely. Make sure your virus and malware protection is absolutely current.

Another safe strategy is to check top sites only. If there were any problems, it would have been reported and the site would have fallen steeply in the chart rankings. Beware of low ranked or unknown sites. If you download a package and get a malware report from your virus/malware scanner then avoid the site and report it to your anti-virus provider.