How to Add a Command Button to a Report in MS Access

How to Add a Command Button to a Report in MS Access
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Adding command buttons to Access 1997

Microsoft Access allows you to add buttons to your forms or report. This allows you to customize your documents. You can add a command button that will allow you to do everything from go to the next page or even open a new document.

To add a command button in Access 97, follow the below procedures:

  1. Open Access, and open the form or document that you want to manipulate.

  2. Open this document in Design view. A pop-up toolbox will load.

  3. In the window, click on the Control Wizard button. The wizard button is a wand with stars.

  4. On the Control Wizard tool bar, select Command Button.

  1. While holding down your mouse, drag the Command to the area of your document where you would like it to go.

  2. You now must select the command that you would like this button to do. The wizard will walk you through this depending on which you select.

  3. Once you are done, select finish.

  4. Be sure to save your changes.

Before you share this document with others or need to use the command button yourself, you should test it to make sure it will work.

Adding Command Buttons to Later Versions

As mentioned, the above directions will work for Access 97. For later versions of Microsoft Access, you will have to follow the below directions:

  1. Again, open your document in Design View.

  2. Go to the Controls Wizard.

  3. Select the Command button from the menu.


  1. Drag the button to where you would like it in the document.
  1. Follow the step-by-step directions from the Wizard.

  2. Select Finish.

  3. Save your work.

While Access has many command buttons from which you can choose the command that you need, there’s also an add-in that you can download from HoboCodes. It’s a Button Writer that will allow you to create your own, unique buttons based on provided templates. This add-on isn’t free though and will cost you $30.00 and will only work with Access 2003 and 2007.