How do I Transfer Music from PC to PSP?

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The PSP has long been a refuge for media, playing everything from your video files to your music files and even photos. In the beginning however, things were not quite as simple as they are today for transferring your favorite videos and songs over to the portable dynamo. Let’s take a look at how things have changed for the better since the PSP’s initial release in 2005.

As per their press conference at E3, Sony has delivered on a brand-new media-transferring solution for the PSP as well as other Sony devices such as the Ericcson line of phones. This new media-transfer program is called Media Go! and is available for free over the internet.

Media Go is Sony’s latest effort to get you to transfer over your media into your PSP. As effective as it is, currently, it’s purpose is to solve a simple problem – the throngs of people who won’t be able to download a game for the PSP GO! effectively over-the-air. For those unfortunate people who buy the newest iteration of the PSP and fail to understand the fact that it is a disc-less device, this software is meant to make the transition a painless one that is entirely mediated by the PC.

As useful as the software is for transferring over games, it’s equally as capable of transferring your favorite songs from your media folder to your PSP. Here’s how you go about doing this:

  1. Take a minute to find out what the storage capacity is on your PSP. The easiest way? Plug the PSP into your computer via USB and take a look at the drive in Windows Explorer. If you’re on Vista or Win 7, the computer will tell you how much space the device has as well as how much of that space is free and available.

  2. With the space issue sorted out, head into your media folder

  1. You can now do one of two things – you can either look through your media folder highlighting those songs that will fill up the PSP’s storage capacity…

  2. Or, you can import the songs into Media Go and sort it out from there.

  3. Either way you choose, you’ll have to import your songs into the Media Go program, which is as easy as clicking “File”, then “Import” or using the convenient buttons at the top.

  4. Once your songs are inside, the PSP should show up on the left hand side of the screen

  5. Highlight the songs you’d like to transfer by either selecting them individually or by clicking CTRL-A to select all.

  1. Once you have the songs you’d like, drag them to the memory card on the PSP and they’ll be transferred over accordingly.

And then you should have all the songs you could ever want synchronized to your PSP. The Media GO application also includes the ability to download and keep up with podcasts as well as buy songs – the podcasts capability is particularly useful if you have a long commute and enjoy using your PSP as you would an iPod.