How Can I Burn a CD on Windows Media Player?

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Burning for You

Burning a CD in Windows Media Player is about the easiest thing you can do on your PC – it’s just a matter of drag and drop. WMP has been making your life easier in recent years, and the latest iteration is no different – incorporating the fastest way to burn an MP3 CD or a regular WAV CD directly into the same interface you use to listen to the songs you enjoy.

Burning a CD in WMP comes down to two methods, and you can decide which is easiest for you.

Method 1: Inside the Media Player

  1. Find the files you want to copy to the CD inside Windows Media Player

  2. If you haven’t imported your music into the player yet, it’s rather simple to do. Just right click on the screen and select File, then Manage Libraries, then Music

  3. Once in this prompt, you’ll see the folders that are already being searched to find your media files. If your folder isn’t in there, click to add and then select your folder

  4. The player will automatically add the files to your library and be ready to go in a few minutes

  1. Once you have the files in your library, click on the Burn button at the top of the screen – this should open up a sidebar for you to put your files into

  2. Scroll down your list of songs and selecting the ones you want, drag and drop them into the Burn sidebar

  3. As you select, keep an eye on the bar above the files. It will tell you how much of the CD has already been filled up

  4. Once the CD is full or you’ve added all the music you want, just click to “burn” to the disc and the player takes care of all the rest

You can change the options around as well to make it an MP3 CD if you don’t want a WAV CD – it should be right above the place where you dragged the files, under “burn options”

Method 2: Drag and Drop

  1. You can choose to bypass the media player entirely if you’re just looking to make a quick MP3 CD. Start by going to the folder with your media files

  2. Inside the folder, simply highlight the files you want to select. To select multiple files, click and hold down shift while you select the songs

  3. After you’ve selected your songs (you’ll have to keep track of the size of the total selection, as a CD can only hold 700 Mb) it’s time to make the CD

  4. Hold down the mouse on top of one of the songs and while holding, drag it over to your CD Drive on the left-hand side of the screen

  5. Once you’ve dragged the items, simply let go of them over the CD drive and they’ll be copied

  1. Now, with the files on the disc, right click on the disc, and select “burn files to disc” and the process will show you some prompts about making an Audio or Data CD, remember to select audio if you want a WAV CD or Data if you want an MP3 CD

  2. Similarly, when you first select the files, there should be an option towards the top of the screen to “burn files to disc” – if you select that option, the same result will occur

Burning files to a CD in Windows is tremendously easy and can be quite fun. Follow these instructions and you’ll be able to make a CD inside WMP each and every time you want to.

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