Internet Explorer 8 Printing Problems

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Incompatible HP Smart Web Printing Plug-in

Most of the users employing HP printers or HP AIO (All in Ones) receive an error message saying that an HP plug-in may cause IE to crash as soon as they open their Internet Explorer 8. The reason for this message is that the Smart Web Printing plug-in from HP is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8. The plug-in is installs automatically when you install the drivers for HP printers or HP AIO. The plug-in intends to help you select and print only the selected portion from any website.

However, as this plug-in is incompatible with Internet Explorer 8, printing web pages or parts thereof becomes difficult if you are using an HP printer. The problem can be fixed either by upgrading the HP print drivers or by disabling the Smart Web Print plug-in.

To update the HP software so that it supports printing from within Internet Explorer 8, you will have to check for upgrades at HP Web Page Printing. Alternatively, you can also contact HP Technical Support. Before contacting HP Support through phone or chat, have the product number of your HP Printer or HP AIO at hand.

The next method is to disable the plug-in until you get a fix for the HP printer. To disable the plug in, follow these steps:

  1. Close all the open Internet Explorer 8 windows.
  2. Open a new Internet Explorer 8 Window again.
  3. As you open the IE8, you will get the message saying “HP Smart Web Printing add-on can cause Internet Explorer to crash or to stop responding.”
  4. You will also see the option “Always open Internet Explorer without this add-on.” Click on the option to disable the plug-in.

Once you disable the plug-in, you should be able to print normally. However, you will no longer be using the HP Smart plug-in as Internet Explorer will not load the plug-in when you open the browser.

Nothing Happens When You Try Printing

Sometimes nothing happens when you try to print using Internet Explorer 8, and then the print dialog box just closes. You cannot see anything in the print queue either. In some cases, while trying to view the Print Preview, you will see nothing except the page number. These Internet Explorer 8 printing problems are common on Windows Vista.

The reason for this behavior by Internet Explorer is the absence of a folder in C:\Users in Windows Vista. You may have cleared the folder unknowingly when you ran a computer cleaning software. To fix the problem, try closing all Internet Explorer 8 windows, and then open a new IE8 window to print something. If you get to print, the folder has been automatically created. If you could not print even after restarting, you will have to create the folder manually.

To create the folder manually, follow these steps:

  1. Close all open windows of IE8.
  2. Click Start, and, in the Start Search text area, type “%Temp% without quotes.
  3. Click Temp from the list that appears.
  4. Click on File in the main menu, click New, and then select Folder
  5. In the space for folder name, type “Low” without the quotes.
  6. Reboot, open Internet Explorer, and try to print something.

If the printer gives out the print you selected, you have successfully fixed the problem. In case this method fails to give you the print capabilities you want, follow the next method:

  1. From the All Programs menu, select Accessories.
  2. Right click on Command Prompt, and select the option Run as administrator.
  3. Once the command prompt window appears, type the following without quotes: ICACLS %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low
  4. Press enter, and close the command prompt window.
  5. Restart the computer, and open Internet Explorer
  6. Try to print something.

If you get the print out you want, your problem is fixed. In case this method also fails, you need to consult an expert technician who can come over to your place and fix your Internet Explorer 8 printing problems.

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