Windows Operating System Comparisons - Comparing Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

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You’ve reached this page wondering what the best Windows OS is for you, and don’t worry, I won’t let you down. By the time you’ve reached the end of this page, you will know which Windows OS to buy and use.

Windows XP

Ah, XP. Here is a titan of the industry – it’s been in continuous use now by the public for over 8 years now. Currently, you’ll find Windows XP habiting several different styles of netbooks, which is where this system has found its best niche.

XP is still a desktop juggernaut by diehard PC enthusiasts who insist that XP is better than anything that has come out currently. Now, this isn’t really debatable when it comes to Vista, but it is rather debatable when it comes to Windows 7.

XP will be perfect for you if you’re looking for an OS that’s very fast and no-frills. There are no cool window transitions effects, no amazing Superbar, no HD interface, etc. Also, XP is great for those that want total compatibility. Because of the public’s ill-will towards Vista, everything has been compatible with XP ever since it came out.

In the easiest terms, XP is your low-maintenance, high-payoff system. It’s got an excellent track record for not having glitches and issues, as it is now in its third service pack.

Windows Vista

Vista has had problems ever since it was launched back in 2006. While the graphics interface was rather nice and a long overdue update, the system has had problems in other areas, specifically processing and RAM guzzling.

While the GUI works rather well and was implemented with hopes for a “new file system” and new means of organization, these two features never panned out – rather, people focused more on the fact that their systems on XP ran almost 2 times faster than on Vista due to its RAM requirements.

Vista is a mammoth piece of software, and like most things, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Vista became notorious for its crashes and glitches.

Would I recommend Vista to anyone? Well, I would recommend you purchase a laptop quickly so that you’re able to qualify for the free Windows 7 upgrade that Microsoft is promising for those purchasers of Vista. However, I wouldn’t recommend you buy Vista without this option for the free upgrade because of…

Windows 7

We may well have another glorious age of Microsoft dominated sales coming up. The signs are all out there – Apple is on the defensive, with a load of new ad campaigns aimed at debunking Windows 7. The Tech blogs are all getting excited about this new Windows release. And to top it off, Microsoft itself is remaining rather quiet about the whole thing – letting customers try out an extended beta and releasing this new OS only 3 years after the release of Vista – a genuinely uncharacteristic move.

Windows 7 is a glorious breath of fresh air for the entire Windows franchise. The newly designed “Super-bar” is the best thing to ever happen to Windows since the advent of Windows Explorer. The new bar allows for you to quickly and easily dock your programs and to have a permanent launching interface right from the bottom of your screen.

But I’ve talked about Windows 7 on this website ad nauseum, and as such, I’ll spare you more and more talking about how great it is and why you should switch.

Let me boil it down to you in a nutshell. Windows 7 combines the sleek look of Vista with the speed of XP and throws in several game-changing innovations. For those who have a PC, you need look no further for your next choice of Windows OS. To make your choice even simpler, Microsoft is offering the system at $50 introductory price – however, it only comes out in October, so until then, you need to put up with Vista.