All about Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner!

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The Goodness of Microsoft Certified Partner Tag

Well, sure thing, there are thousands of renowned IT companies operating worldwide, but those who have the label of being a Microsoft Certified Partner often score over the rest in many aspects. Whenever a client wishes to outsource any project related to C Programming Language, a Microsoft Certified Partner often becomes a better choice than the rest. Of course, just being a Certified Partner doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything else, and you’ll still have to strive hard to compete in this recession-hit economy. Nevertheless, you’ll have better chances of bagging more outsourced work too (if you work as an outsourcing agency).

Showcasing the IT Skills of Your Company the Microsoft Way

Remember, being a Microsoft Certified Partner is quite a feat in itself for a small- to mid-sized organization, and it greatly helps in distinguishing those organizations from the rest. For those who aren’t really aware of the Microsoft Partner Program, it has been designed to cater to the needs of all the organizations that market or simply develop cutting edge solutions based on Microsoft platforms, recommend Microsoft technology purchases to customers, or provide consulting snf technical services for Microsoft systems. Of course, you don’t really need any endorsement from Microsoft, but just the mere certified status adds a whole lot of value!

Programming in C Language and the Microsoft Brand Promotion

If your organization implements programming solutions based on the C Programming Language, then there could be nothing better than the Microsoft certification, as C#/C++/C Programming Languages have always been more closely related to MS than to any other organization. Both Java certification from Sun and C Programming certification from MS are almost analogous as Microsoft usually hires capable C/C++/C# programmers and expects the partners also to be good in the field.

Additionally, MS certified programmers who have mastered the C Programming Language can always serve as a great way to add to your MS partner contender spot. Remember, MS always picks the best, and not everyone is granted the status of a certified partner.

Who Can Become a Microsoft Certified Partner?

Well, there is no filter as to which segment of the companies can become Microsoft Certified Partners. So, this simply means anybody right from the consulting services providers, independent hardware vendors, independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), large account resellers and support providers, training providers, system builders, down to the system integrators, value-added resellers as well as providers can become Microsoft certified partners. However, you must not forget that there are many stringent criteria that you must fulfil before you can boast of the Microsoft Certified Partner status in front of your customers and, of course, your rivals.

Areas of Competence in Which One Can Become a Microsoft Certified Partner

In case you’re worried that only the programming and business development solution providers can become Microsoft Certified Partners, then take at look at this amazing list.

You name it, and you’ll find that area of competence in the list. Any of the business organizations that fall under these categories can become a Microsoft Certified Partner:

  • Advanced Infrastructure Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Increase Opportunities
  • Close More Sales
  • Support Customers
  • Custom Development Solutions
  • Networking Infrastructure Solutions
  • OEM Hardware Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • SOA and Business Process
  • Benefits and Requirements
  • Expand Skills
  • ISV/Software Solutions
  • Licensing Solutions
  • Learning Solutions Data Management Solutions
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Information Worker Solutions
  • Microsoft Business Solutions
  • Unified Communications Solutions

Beyond the Usual Microsoft Certified Partnership

Remember, you can even become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner to take your business to the next level. Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner always helps you in showcasing the skills of your organization to a good extent, but it always comes at a cost. And, not just anybody in town can attain this Gold status.

The Bottom-line

The Microsoft Certified Partner tag is definitely a great thing, which will add-up tremendously to your portfolio, especially if you’re an upcoming outsourcing or web development organization.