IE8 Problem Cannot Display Web Page

IE8 Problem Cannot Display Web Page
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Try to Display Another Web Page

The first step to take to try and fix this problem in IE8 is to determine whether you can display any web page in Internet Explorer. Open a new IE8 window and type in the web address of a site you have not recently visited (if you cannot come up with anything, try If this web page can be displayed, contact the owner of the web page that cannot be displayed. Chances are, the site is experiencing problems or might be down temporarily.

Use the IE8 Network Diagnostics Tool

If your IE8 cannot display any web pages, try running the Network Diagnostics Tool. To access this tool, simply click the Diagnose button under Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Web Page. Windows will run the Network Diagnostics Tool and attempt to determine a problem. If the tool finds a problem with your connection or with IE8, follow the steps provided to fix the problem with IE8.

Reset the Modem (and Router)

Sometimes, resetting your computer’s modem will fix the Cannot Display Web Page problem in IE8. To do so, turn the computer off. Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem (and the router as well, if you have one) and leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds. Turn the computer back on. Once it is fully booted up, plug the modem and router back in and wait for all of the appropriate lights to be illuminated on the modem and router. Finally, restart the computer one more time. Open Internet Explorer and see if the web page can now be displayed.

Delete Temporary Files

Deleting temporary Internet files can fix some problems with IE8, including the Cannot Display Web Page message. To delete these files, open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools menu from the Menu Bar. Click on Delete Browsing History. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Select the check boxes for all of the types of data you want to delete. The only one you might not want to select is Passwords if you use Internet Explorer to save web page passwords. Click the Delete button to delete these files. Close IE8 and reopen it.

IE8 Problem Cannot Display Web Page

If you find you are still having problems with IE8 and cannot display web pages, you might want to roll back to an earlier version. Read How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 to learn how.