Windows Live Email Settings - Tweaking your Window Live Mail Configuration

Windows Live Email Settings - Tweaking your Window Live Mail Configuration
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Windows Live Mail may look a little bit obscure to the first-time user. The way options are divided are enough to throw off even the most advanced Windows user. However, all the tools needed to make changes are still readily available and accessible; you just need to know where to look.


On the top-right, you’ll see a small series of icons: one that looks like a paintbrush, one that looks like a window, and another one that has a question mark. You’ll want to click on the icon that looks like a window (this is the Menu option), and from there you’ll see a drop down list.

  • Choosing “Layout”, the option on the top, allows you to customize how you want Windows Live Mail to display itself. As well, you’ll be able to choose how you want your e-mails to display, your list of e-mails to display, amongst other options. There is quite a wide variety of changes you can make, so it could take some time for you to get the layout you want.
  • “Deliver my reminders to…” is an option that allows you to choose where you want to be notified about calendar alerts. You can choose to get notifications through Messenger, your mobile device, or e-mail.
  • “Options” allows you to essentially configure the bulk of how you want the program to function in regards to new messages, read messages, signatures, and a lot more.
  • “Safety options” is an option which will allow you to configure the sensitivity towards potential junk mail and phishing protection as well as allow you to block certain e-mail addresses from sending you e-mail.
  • Selecting “Customize toolbar” gives you the option to customize which buttons and links you want available on your toolbar, which appears at the top of the window.
  • Finally, the last option “Show/hide menu bar” will display or remove the menu bar which appears on top of the toolbar. By default, this option is hidden. So, for experienced Windows users who are more comfortable with using the menu bar over a toolbar, the option is there, and you will be able to further Windows Live Mail in that manner.

While the options available may not allow you to fully customize the appearance of Windows Live Mail in the fashion that you may want to, there are still some tools available which do allow you to make some alterations to it. Like most pieces of software, there is a learning curve, and an adjustment period to become fully comfortable with it.