Microsoft Word 2007 Free Tutorial Guide - Where to Find the Best MS Word 2007 Tutorials

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For experienced and new users alike, the first time using Microsoft Word 2007 may pose some problems. With Microsoft implementing the new ribbon user interface and ditching the old one, users may have problems identifying where the new commands are located, how to perform a task, or about changing to the old interface. Even new users might find this interface a little hard to use. Fortunately, new users don’t have to buy expensive books from Microsoft. The tutorials for Microsoft Word are located everywhere on the Internet - we even have a very diverse collection of Word tutorials and user guides here at Bright Hub. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for in our library, some of these other sites may prove helpful to you.


BayConGroup is one of the best free tutorial sites for Microsoft Office 2007. It is suitable for both new and experienced Word users. While new users will find this very helpful, old/experienced users will also find this useful, only because BayConGroup provides a tutorial for the new user interface (The Ribbon) that is worth checking. The tutorials from BayConGroup are based on lessons – at the end of the lessons, you may have already learned everything inside Microsoft Word 2007. This website’s tutorials are easy to learn and follow since detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by pictures (just like the ones at Bright Hub) are provided.


Word07 is a website dedicated to hosting tutorials on Microsoft Word 2007. The content in this website is mostly composed of video tutorials. Word07 gives information and instructions in the form of video. Unfortunately, Word07 has very few text-based tutorials. Like BayConGroup, Word07 has a very detailed user guide explaining how to get started with Microsoft Office 2007.

Tutorials by Microsoft

The official Microsoft site also has an extensive collection of Word tutorials. These tutorials come in two flavors – text and audio via a WMV embedding. This collection covers even the most detailed steps on how to create a new document, how to use templates, and what’s new from Microsoft Office 2007. For more experienced users, this library provides a guide on where the old functions from earlier versions of Word are located in the Ribbon Interface.


FGCU is another website that hosts Microsoft Office 2007 tutorials. This website may appeal to many, because it also hosts other types of documents that can be created in Word 2007. Some examples are how to run macros, how to make a website using Microsoft Word 2007, and how to make a table of contents. Judging from the content, this website hosts user guides that are geared toward university students.