Best Windows Database Administration Tools for MySQL

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MySQL in the Windows Environment


DreamCoder is a feature rich Windows desktop tool for MySQL database administration and development. It works on all MySQL versions (version 3.23 to 5.037) and also supports all MySQL features like tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, foreign keys, UDFS, etc. It features advanced data manipulation options and report generation as well as a number of export and import data options.

At first glance, its user interface may look somewhat complex and cluttered, but it is actually easy to use and caters to both beginners and expert users. Connecting to MySQL is easy, and once connected, it lists all MySQL database and tables in a tree structure from where it lets you perform various tasks like editing table structures, generating table SQL, and so forth. It also features useful tools like SQL editor, Procedure builder, Session monitor, and Query builder. An easy-to-use backup tool is also included.


DBTools Manager is a powerful application used to manage databases on Windows. It works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, and DBF tables. It supports managing all objects including databases, tables, indexes, and foreign keys, and it supports new connection options and protocols as well as the development of user defined functions, stored procedures, views and triggers available in MySQL 5.

Compared to DreamCoder’s interface, DBManager’s interface looks neater, but it lacks the various sophisticated features DreamCoder has. It is still a powerful SQL database administration tool with an easy-to-use interface. Once connected to the SQL server, it lists the entire database and tables in a tree structure from which you can edit a table, create a new table, view the metadata and perform various other basic to advanced tasks often used in MySQL database administration.

SQL Toolkit for MySQL

SQL Toolkit is a package of a few tools that can be used to administer your MySQL database. It also includes the utility Database Explorer for MySQL which is a powerful database administrative tool for MySQL Server. Of all the clients described here, MySQL Explorer probably has the easiest user interface. Like the other applications, MySQL Explorer lists all of your databases and tables in a tree stricture once it is connected to the MySQL server. However, unlike the other tools, it provides a visual interface to browse through the tables and perform various common tasks like editing table structure and viewing SQL script.

It also features some nice utilities such as Query Builder for MySQL and Activity Watcher for MySQL. Overall, MySQL Explorer offers a pretty simple interface to perform basic to advanced administrative task on your MySQL databases.

Navicat MySQL

Navicat MySQL is a simple, yet powerful, MySQL database administration tool. It works with all MySQL versions (version 3.21 onwards). Navicat MySQL supports most of the MySQL features like function, event, view, trigger, and stored procedure. It has a simple user interface which has a number of features such as virtual grouping to categorize your work and a well-described wizard system. Its backup feature is easy to use and effective. It also features a set of advanced report management tools

SQL Maestro for MySQL

SQL Maestro for MySQL is a popular Windows database administration tool for MySQL. It supports almost all database operations like create, edit, copy, drop, etc. on all database objects like tables, views, procedures, functions and queries. Connecting to databases is pretty easy with its database profile feature. It also features powerful database object management capabilities to manage database objects like tables, views, and procedures. It includes various other utilities such as SQL editor, Visual Query Builder, SQL Script Editor, BLOB viewer, Data analysis tool, and Process browser. The user interface is fairly simple and provides you with enough means to perform your tasks at the same time.