Best Free Software Applications from Microsoft

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Windows Media Player 11

Perhaps the most popular and most widely used media player, WMP 11 lets you store and enjoy music, video, pictures and recorded TV. It allows you to view it, play it and sync the media player to any portable device, allowing you to have the same desktop experience anywhere you go.

Photo Story 3

It’s free photo slideshow software that brings your photos to life, literally. It features an easy-to-use one-click interface for creating stunning slideshows complete with sounds and special effects. In addition, Photo Story 3 also lets you save your slideshows in small file sizes, enough to let you sent it to anyone as an email attachment.

Power Calculator

This simple software lets you create graphs, evaluate functions and do many types of conversions. It’s part of Microsoft Powertoys , which is a suite of small applications for performing certain tasks.

Windows Live Messenger 2009

Another popular Microsoft application, Live Messenger is a fast instant messaging platform. It lets you add a group of favorite contacts, share photos, and update your contacts.

Internet Explorer 8

One of the top web browsers, IE8 offers a whole lot of fun when you are browsing the web. Its top features include accelerators that let you map directions, translate words, email your friends, and more in just a few mouse clicks, in-private browsing, web slices, search suggestions, and smart screen filter.

Office Accounting Express

This free software offers an efficient tool for managing your home-based business finance or even your personal finances. It features easy-to-use interface, and lets you import existing financial date from other software including Microsoft Excel, Money, and Intuit QuickBooks.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender protects your computer against slow performance, pop-ups, and security threats from spyware, malware and other malicious software. It detects and removes spyware, provides real-time protection, and minimal interruption, allowing you to be more productive.

Windows Live Essential

A suite from Microsoft- a bundle containing Live Messenger, Live Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Writer, Toolbar and Family Safety. If you’re an avid Microsoft fan, Windows Live Essential is a must download for your Windows PC.

Windows Live Mail

Microsoft’s webmail platform allows you to have multiple e-mail account and offers the same easy-to-use interface as Microsoft’s Desktop Email software - Outlook Express. It lets you integrate Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo under one Live Mail account. Live Mail also has an integrated Calendar feature which has been introduced recently.

Silverlight 2.0

Microsoft’s answer to Flash is a programmable web browser plug-in that integrates animation, vector graphics and audio-playback to create Rich Internet Applications. Silverlight 2.0 supports multiple web browsers and Windows Mobile 6 and Symbian based mobile phones.

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