Where Can I Get Free Tech Support for Windows Online?

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How often you run into problems with your computer? How many times have you found yourself at sea wondering what just went wrong with your system and then don’t know whom to ask (unless you shell out some dollars to call up the tech assistance provided by your vendor). Well there are ways to get tech help online easily and all for free. Here are some places you may want to bookmark so that you know who to ask in case you have a problem with your computer system in the future.


Techguy.org is one of the best places to get free tech support online for your computer. It is a free forum that is completely run by volunteers. By registering, you can avail yourself to free tech support just by asking questions about the computer problems you are having and then have them answered by expert users. Techguy.org has dedicated forums for different operating systems (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7, UNIX, Linux, MAC OS, DOS, PDA, networking, hardware, multimedia, software development, and others). Often, you’ll be able to find answers just by searching the forum for previously answered questions.


Annoyances.org is a free web resource with a considerable amount of tips and tutorial on various computer related topics. It features discussion forums for users to post their questions about tech issues and get answers from expert users. They have discussion forums for the following topics: Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2003, XP, ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95.


5 Star Support is an excellent free online tech support resource. It hosts tips and tutorials on a wide range of topics and features discussion forums for computer operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95/98/ME , Windows NT/2000), software, hardware, security, networking, internet browsing, web development. etc. It has a ‘security center’ which is dedicated to PC security and aims to help users protect their system by raising security awareness through guides on how to solve security related issues and providing assistance in treating virus issues. The ‘Troubleshooting FAQ’ is a good place to look first for your system issues as you will find most of the common issues already discussed there.


With more than 136,000 problems solved, techsupportforum.com is a great place to turn to regarding your system issues. The forum requires a registration which is free and gives you access to ask a question to be answered by other users. It has specific zones like ‘Security center’ which deals with security issues like virus, Trojans, Spyware etc, ‘Microsoft support’ dealing with different Windows OS and MS Office and IE issues, ‘Alternative Computing’ dealing with Linux, MacOS etc, Hardware Support, Networking Forum, Gaming Forum and several more.


An online community of 30,000 members, D-A-L is another great resource for online technical help. It works the same way as the majority of other online tech help websites; that is, you post your question in the forum and other users answer it. They have dedicated forum section on Windows OS, Linux, MacOS, Security, Web Design, Development & Marketing, Software, Handheld Computing, Hardware, Gaming, etc.


Protonic is a free online service where you can post a question regarding your system issues and get an answer by email. You need to register to ask a question, but registration is free.

Suggest A Fix

Another free forum to get tech help on a wide variety of issues related to Windows Operating systems, Unix/Linux, Hardware, PC Tweaking, Gaming, Networking, Digital Imaging, Internet, Security, etc.


Though not a huge user base, Geekpolice is growing fast and is a tech support forum worth trying. It has forum sections dedicated to common issues like Security, Operating Systems, Software, Hardware, Internet, and Programming etc. It also has a tech news section where you can find the latest tech related news.

Computer Juice

Another growing online tech support forum. It offers tech support on Hardware, Windows Operating Systems, Virus, Spyware & Security, Office Suites, Email, Gaming, Web design, Linux, etc.

Virtual Dr

Part of Internet.com, Virtual Dr. is a great place to get online tech support for your issues related to computers, laptops, networking, gadgets, internet, web design, security, gaming, Linux & Windows OS, etc. It requires a free registration.

About.com PC Support

One of the best places to get online tech support, it not only has a discussion forum for tech support like most of the other tech forums but also has loads of tips and articles on many tech topics.