Choosing the Best Windows Reseller Hosting Service

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When looking for reseller hosting, there are many options to choose from and you should have in mind what you are looking for. So let’s take a look at some of the basic options availaable for Windows Hosting.

Base Features

When looking at hosting, there are certain base features that should be included with every hosting plan. FTP access, maximum number of domains, disk space limit, traffic limit, overage polices, are all things that should come as base features. When you look at a Windows Hosting Provider, be sure to check up front on what base features come with every hosting plan.

Build Your Own Requirements

When you begin your search for a host, create a list of what you require. By having your own list of requirements, you can single out hosts that will or will not fit your needs. Check to make sure that your requirements are fulfilled first, and then move on to other features that are promised by some reseller hosting providers.

Some requirements may include: ASP .Net with Microsoft SQL 2005 or Cold Fusion hosting.

Hosting Extras

After fulfilling your requirements need, check out the extras. Most hosting providers will provide many extras to their customers. These extras can add up to additional savings or services to your hosting setup.

Some hosts will offer extras such as discounts on add-ons, referral bonuses, advertising credits, free or discounted hosting costs for up front payments as well as discounts on special software packages in addition to your base hosting package.


A host is only as good as its support to its customers.

When you need assistance, it is reassuring to know that you have reliable support. Whether it is questions on initial setup, technical issues or even billing questions, getting the support you deserve is a true sign of a good hosting provider.

Having multiple ways to contact support, whether through phone, email or chat is an additional benefit when you need to contact someone for assistance. The time waiting for a resolution and the way you are treated will make or break most host’s customer stability.

Again, good support equals happy customers.

Reputation and Reviews

An important point to look for when shopping for a Windows Host is their reputation. Researching and reviewing information from current and past customers of potential hosting providers is sometimes the best method to finding out what that provider is all about. Independent reviews in hosting publications and forums as well as Windows Reseller Top 10 hosting lists are good places to research.

Good reviews and recommendations equal a good reputation which will reflect well for choosing those Windows resellers. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. A good reputation will equal more quality from that provider.


When looking for Windows Reseller Hosting, there are many factors to consider starting with your own criteria. Working to match that will start you on the right track for selecting a proper hosting provider.