Review of TeamViewer: Remote Control PC Tool - Access Your PC from Anywhere

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I would dare wager that at one point in the future, no one has to move a limb to get things done. At least that’s how it seems to me right now. TeamViewer is indeed a nifty Remote Control Tool – basically a remote desktop sharing client – that can be used to access any PC or server from anywhere in the world. Talk about freeing yourself from the confines of your desk, and it is software such as this that help you live this dream out for you.

You don’t need to have any administration rights and the installation is fairly simple. Download, install and you are off to a great start. By invoking highest security standards and leveraging an international network of computers – thereby making it possible for you to access your PC or your host PC from anywhere in the world – your connection stays strong and secure.

Basically, you can do everything you can do with your PC, and you can do it all by NOT being available physically near it – yes even switch off and boot remotely. You can chat, set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network), do training for your ever roving, never present sales staff no matter where they are in the world.

If you are an administrator, you can attend to any computer from wherever you are sitting right now and through the firewalls. The connection you’d make with the PC would be 100% secure and would not allow anyone trying to hack into it.

You can access everything via the web, too, using the TeamViewer web connector – so even if you are stranded on the islands of Fiji, you can still connect to your computer at home if you need to for some reason.

So instead of worrying about NAT, firewalls, IP addresses and Network keeping software, you can now seamlessly share your files, chat, establish VPN, or conduct training sessions with your delegates without moving an inch. You can also administer remote support using TeamViewer’s advanced remote desktop sharing software. If you are a service provider, you can even show samples of your work or allow you to take a sneak peak at your services by establishing a VPN with them and sharing your desktop with them.

A lot is possible by using TeamViewer 3 and what you can do with it is only stunted by your imagination. A new version of the software – TeamViewer 4, has been made available recently.