Upgrading Internet Explorer - Why You Should Upgrade and Instructions for Doing So

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Many people think that there is no need to upgrade software once you install it on your computer. However when it comes to browsers, this approach does not work because the Internet is a very dynamic place. There will be constant upgrades for a browser, and unless your browser is kept up to par with these changes, you cannot browse the Internet properly. The previous version of the browser will work but the functionalities will be very limited.

Why Upgrade Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has enhanced Internet Explorer and has released the latest version, Internet Explorer 7. The new browser has many extra features from which your computer will benefit, even your browsing speed can improve. Some security features have been worked on right from scratch, and now it is even better and offers enhanced protection while you are on the Internet. The beta version of the browser was released, and based on the feedback from some users, changes have been made and the final version is out. One of the main reasons you should upgrade is the increased security. Even if you have security software installed on your computer, having a watchful browser is a benefit.

Phishing is the latest threat to the Internet community and it can affect even a basic user. There are many fraudulent websites on the Internet which lure customers to sign up with and take all their details resulting in identity theft. When you upgrade Microsoft Internet Explorer you also get a phishing filter. For example if you are an active user of paypal, having a phishing filter will help you identify a fraudulent site using PayPal’s webpages.

When you visit websites, every website authenticates your browser using a SSL certificate with a limited validity time. As long as that certificate is valid you can visit the website and it is also another sure shot way of identifying phishers on the Internet. If the website you are visiting is valid, then the browser line turns green. If it turns red, then you have to pay extra attention. Such indicators are very useful while browsing. Also when you upgrade Internet Explorer, you get an extended SSL certificate and with this extended validity you are safer for a longer period of time. The danger with short validities is if in mean time your browser has not been able to renew the SSL certificates then you are exposed to security issues during that period. Knowing the validity of the web page you are browsing is the core issue of Internet security.

The new upgrade of Internet Explorer also makes browsing a little quicker by using its smart functionalities of storing web pages and doing a lot of things on the background. It can bring up a webpage quickly from its memory; complete web forms after checking their validity and also looks more sleek and functional.

How to Upgrade

It is very easy to upgrade to Internet Explorer.

  • You can visit the Microsoft website (https://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx) and download the current version 7 of Internet Explorer.
  • Once your computer downloads the browser, it will ask you if it can run the file and install it.
  • Once you click ‘Yes’, the file automatically runs and replaces the existing browser on your computer to the current version.
  • While installing, it will ask you for many options like if you want a shortcut on the desktop and should it include language packs and so on.
  • You can select whatever functionalities you need and continue to run it.
  • After it finishes installing, the computer will ask to restart. Click OK and after it restarts you can starting the new version of the browser.
  • Get customized to the newer functionalities first and see how they are helpful to you.