Moving from Windows XP to Vista: Windows Vista or XP?

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Migrating from XP to Vista

Reasons to change your OS are innumerable - you only have to pick the right one to tip you over the edge. As much as XP has great features and reasonable load times, you have to admit it just doesn’t look quite as nice as Vista. Which is why I’ve compiled this list of reasons why it’s worth moving from Windows XP to Vista. Bear in mind that this is merely a guide, if you feel that your current OS is serving your needs perfectly, there’s absolutely no need to change that. But for those who like a little change:

1. Vista is Undeniably…Pretty

On my current rig, XP would run like Forrest Gump without the leg braces, but it just wouldn’t look even nearly as good. One thing I must hand to Microsoft is that with Vista, they are approaching that almost Mac-like level of polish and sleekness (while sacrificing some speed in the process). The look of Vista is incredibly nice - with a black polish and transparent windows. So, upgrade for several reasons, but let the fact that one OS looks nicer than the other, be one of those reasons.

2. Program Compatibility

While initially an issue in Vista, nowadays, most programs are built from the ground up to only work on Vista. XP is quickly becoming the odd one out and while this process is happening, you’re missing out on some great new programs that only work on Vista. Everything from antivirus softwares to firewalls are working everyday a little better on Vista, and while you’re stuck with XP, you can only change program versions, not actually evolve in terms of program use. So kick out that old OS and get ready to experience a whole new set of programs, exclusively on your new OS.

3. Security Features

While I loathe the way Vista warns you of an oncoming threat, or the way it just smothers you with it’s User Access Control, the fact is that a new OS always patches up more holes than the previous one’s service packs. No matter how you look at it, an OS is always a leaky ship that the proprietary company sends new updates to patch the holes in. Yet somehow, thanks to the efforts of dedicated hackers the world over, we constantly have to keep updating our OSs. If you’re a novice user in terms of computers, the new OS will also give you protection from the get-go, something that older OSs like XP don’t offer outside of third-party software.

And the final reason to upgrade your OS?

4. New Features

I upgraded to Vista for the Internet capabilities alone. With XP, you had to be an IT pro in order to figure out how to set up a wireless network. And while I did eventually earn my license just messing with XP’s insane networking prompts, it’s so much easier to just boot up my computer and have everything working in a perfect way. Furthermore, the new and improved laptop power interfaces and sound interfaces have greatly expanded the usability of the OS.

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