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Online videos are definitely the wave of the current web. Almost every Internet company are taking part in the online video market, each of them having some form of compelling video content to offer to the video-savvy Internet user.

HBO On Broadband

The Home Box Office channel allows you to stream HBO live on your PC. It provides instant access to various award-winning HBO Original Series including the Sopranos, Entourage, Six Feet Under, and many more. The site lets you keep a personal library of your favorite shows and movies, schedule automatic downloads, access soundtrack and cast information, and the service will even recommend titles based on your personal preference. In addition, you can set-up four additional user accounts which you can share with your other family members. It also features an easy-to-use player for a hassle-free HBO movie viewing.


Joost gives you new ways to find what you’d like to watch. It lets you search in traditional ways, that is by title or category. A better way to find and discover videos to watch is by following suggestions coming from other Joost members. And yes, Joost is an online video portal with music, TV, movies and other video content.


Two years after it was launched in 2006, Videojug has emerged as a top destination for the most comprehensive library of free factual video content. It features high-definition videos covering every conceivable topic that you can possibly think of. Videojug features “How To” and “Ask the Expert” films which guide you in getting things done through step-by-step procedures. The tutorial videos in Videojug are bite-size easy-to-follow video content covering a wide range of topics. The videos were create by leading experts in various fields. Videojug produces thousands of videos monthly, with each of the videos carefully researched and produced.


Hulu is a fairly new video content service that is starting to make waves in the U.S. with its offerings of hit TV shows, movies, and clips. The service is free in the U.S. only. It features a large selection of videos from more than 100 content providers such as FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony Pictures Television and many more. Some of the great TV shows that are in Hulu catalog include The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The A-Team, Airwolf, and many more. Hulu is being touted as the YouTube killer.


With the endorsement of the United Nations Environment Programme, GreenTV has brought together ideas and viewpoints from the world’s leading environmental organisations such as UNEP, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Water Aid, IUCN, and more. The site offers environmental films from these environmental organisations as well as independent filmmakers.


Despite starting off as a mere video upload and sharing site, YouTube has evolved into a full-featured online media network containing not only user-generated videos. but also professionally created ones coming from its ever-growing video content providers. YouTube has become the premiere destination for the lowest quality videos and the highest-definition videos that you can possibly find. To spruce up its service, YouTube has recently launched a wider video playback screen as well as rolled out destinations for high-definition videos coming from its partners.