How to Categorize and Share Outlook 2007 Notes - Tips for Keeping Your Outlook Notes Organized

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Change Notes Views

The Icons view is the default view where sticky notes appear on the screen along with their titles. Like with other Outlook folders, change the view by selecting a different view in the Navigation Panel with the Notes folder open.

For example, the “Last Seven Days” view displays notes edited within the past seven days. Select the different views to see how Notes appear.

Delete Notes

Rather than using the menu that appears by clicking on the Notes icon, you can select a note and press Delete. To delete more than one note at a time, hold the Ctrl key to select the notes and click Delete.

Forward Notes

You can send one or more notes to someone else using Forward. Select one or use Ctrl to select multiple notes, then right-click an item and select “Forward Items” from the menu.

Complete the e-mail message and click Send.

Note: Those who don’t use Outlook will most likely not be able to open and view Notes. In this case, copying and pasting the note into a blank e-mail message would work better.

Edit Notes

Cut, copy and paste notes into other documents, e-mail messages or any other application. To cut or copy text requires selecting the text in the Note. After highlighting the text to cut or copy, right-click the highlighted text and click Cut or Copy. Open the document or application where you want to paste the content and press Ctrl+V or find the Paste command.

Categorize Notes

The easiest way to categorize a note is to right-click it, select “Categorize” and pick the category. If you accidentally selected the wrong category or want to remove a category, pick the category again and Outlook will deselect the category.

When you categorize a note, the note receives the color of its category. Any note without a category receives the color selected in the Notes Options. The default color is yellow. Change the default color, size and font by doing the following:

  1. Click Options from the Tools menu.
  2. Click Note Options.
  3. Click the down-arrow next to Color and Size to change each option.
  4. Click Font to open Font options and change the font, font style, size, effects and color, and click OK.
  5. Click OK twice to exit Options.

Existing notes won’t change color even if they’re the previous default color. New notes, however, reflect the new color you selected from the Notes Options.

Just as you can print one, some or all of your Contacts, you can do the same with notes. In printing Notes, Outlook puts each one on its own page. This can waste paper especially with short notes.

Outlook prints all of a note’s information including modified time and date, categories, contacts and the body of the note.

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