Burning Media in Windows Vista, Remote Access and other Problems Solved

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Some more Remedies for Windows Vista

As I have been saying in the previous parts of this series, Windows Vista has plenty of flaws and shortcomings, but then there are always ways to overcome these flaws. There is one vital reason why Windows Vista per­forms poorly and that is because of the fact that it has become overweight, a feeble structure full of patches and design compromises, so that it can run your 15-year­ old programs and games.

But I strongly believe that Vista is still the best ver­sion of Windows to date (let us see what we get out of Windows7 which is expected to be released in 2009). Windows have always had a very significant advantage over its rivals like Linux and Leopard and that is its large user base as most of the people choose to install Windows as an operating system. Due to this, Microsoft has the biggest share in the operating system market and most of the software developers focus their attention on developing windows based applications.

As a result, there are far more applications, services, tools and add-ons available for Windows than for any other operating system. There are more than enough applications that can be used to solve just about any Windows problem. So if you are not happy with any aspect of Vista, you don’t have to worry as the chances are that there is some application or the other and it can be fixed.

For example if you are tired of Windows feeble CD/DVD burning capability, you can install an application called BurnAware which is a freeware and supports CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc media types and also makes bootable & Multi session discs.

There is no Remote Desktop included with Windows Vista Home Premium, so if you need to access your PC across the internet in this version of Vista you can use Logmein instead. This is also freeware and you don’t have to lighten your pockets for it.

If, like me you are not satisfied with Windows Media player and need a more powerful player that doesn’t use all your system resources and is able to play almost any audio and video codec then you should try a freeware called VLC player.

You can also download and install dozens of free tools and applications from software libraries like Snapfiles or Freeware Home and get Windows Vista working just the way you like.

This post is part of the series: Taming Windows Vista

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