Get it Free! The Internet Secured by Comodo’s Firewall

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About the Ultimate Protection Software On the Net, Literally for Free

You’ve made the right choice to read about the free, but powerful, Comodo Internet Security and Firewall. There are a couple of versions of Comodo. One is free to download and use immediately, right here. There are no updates required. Just use the database in Comodo to look for new virus protections. The commercial version allows you to test out some advanced features for thirty days.

Without further ado, we’ll just focus on what the free version of Comodo can do to protect your computer (and assume that you already know about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of Windows Firewall).

Alright, let’s dive into the three main features that Comodo offers as a defense for your online computing: Unbeatable firewall protection, anti-virus defense, and proactive malware deterrent. These features allow you to detect weak areas on your computer, and potential attacks on your computer in the cloak-and-dagger world of computer sabotage.

Using the Comodo Unbeatable Firewall Protection

After installing the firewall protection of champions on your computer, you will receive some messages from Comodo regarding the programs on your computer that are accessing the internet. Don’t worry too much about this. Comodo will identify most programs that are safe on your computer for accessing the internet (a feature that is far more considerate than other firewalls). Comodo’s firewall recognizes several thousand safe programs by default.

If you want to stop receiving messages about specific programs accessing the internet, simply click on the Firewall shield icon at the top of the Comodo window, then click on Define a New Trusted Application. From here you’ll be able to set up a rule to allow applications that you trust to work on your computer. If at a later point you become uncertain about programs that have been running on your computer, you can click on the View Firewall Events icon to see all the alerts for programs up to date. You can view a record of activities that might be suspicious. By the same token, you can also set up a block on applications you do not trust. Just click on Define a New Blocked Application. The wizard will guide you through the steps quickly.

Comodo includes global rules for your firewall. This feature is located in the Stealth Ports Wizard. By clicking on Firewall, then on the Stealth Ports Wizard icon, you will be able to make your computer invisible to other computers.

Anti-Virus Defense

Click on the Anti-Virus shield at the top of the Comodo window to bring up all your options for preventing and defeating viruses. In the anti-virus window you can choose to run a scan or get more information on current virus threats. A database is maintained for you in this section, from which you can check for updates on virus defense.

As with the other features in Comodo, you can backtrack and check all records regarding your virus threats and quarantined programs. You can also better control the scheduled virus scans by clicking on the Scheduled Scans icon. By controlling the schedule for scans, you won’t be interrupted in your work by inconsiderate scans of your computer.

Proactive Malware Deterrent

By clicking on the Defense icon you can have Comodo check for all kinds of malware tricks. Comodo will require you to decide which programs and components you will allow to have access to your computer. Your Comodo defense will detect when malware tries to turn off your system level service. The proactive malware deterrent won’t stop a speeding bullet, but it will block a Trojan horse, kill a destructive program before it can wreak havoc, and stop programs or hackers from messing with your registry. Root-kits, key-loggers, and Trojans are not going to get in to your computer if you have Comodo Internet Security and Firewall.