Best Internet Security Software for Windows Vista

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Are you satisfied with the Security that Vista offers?

Every operating system is finally judged by the security feature it provides to its users. Windows Vista’s security has come a long way since Windows XP, but still includes a num­ber of problems that you’ll want to rectify as soon as possible. The new firewall included in Vista is packed with a lot of features, yet somehow I find Comodo Firewall a better option. Comodo firewall is a free application.

While vista includes an anti­ spy ware tool in Windows Defender this time (earlier version didn’t have an anti spy ware included), but you also need an anti-virus protection to stay safe online. Here are some real good anti virus software that come absolutely free but are not at all bad performers. These anti virus are Avira Antivir Personal, Avast antivirus, and AVG Free. This software will keep home users safe from a range of malware for no charge at all.

You will notice that the Windows Vista Recycle Bin has an impressive new icon, but do you think it can securely wash out your deleted files. The answer is a simple no. Microsoft should have done something about this flaw but I am sorry to say that they haven’t. now if you compare this feature with the Mac operating system, you will notice that if a Mac user wants to get rid of a confidential file forever then they can simply click Secure Empty Trash and it’ll be overwritten in such a way that even the snoopers with a best undelete software won’t be able to recover a thing. Vista users must simply choose the Empty Recycle Bin and hope no one gets access to their Recycle Bin. I am sure Microsoft will finally overcome this flaw in their upcoming versions but in the meantime you can fix this problem yourself by installing Eraser.

File encryption is annoyingly reserved for the Windows Vista Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate editions. Microsoft apparently believes that home users don’t have any confidential data worth protecting. But there is a solution for this problem too. Download a free copy of Truecrypt which can create virtual encrypted drives that will keep your entire most private and confidential files safe from snoopers and hackers.

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