How to Tell if Your Copy of Microsoft Word is Legitimate - Check the Certificate Of Authenticity

How to Tell if Your Copy of Microsoft Word is Legitimate - Check the Certificate Of Authenticity
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Why is a Certificate of Authenticity Important?

Depending on which version you buy, Microsoft Office can cost between $ 150 for Office Home and Student 2007 to nearly $700 for Office Ultimate 2007. Perhaps you purchased one for much less than that and now you are wondering whether you were fooled into obtaining a bootlegged or counterfeit copy. Maybe you bought a used or rebuilt computer with Microsoft Word already installed, and you want to be sure that your software is legitimate. Either way, checking the Certificate of Authenticity will help you determine if your copy of Microsoft word is legitimate.

You may think counterfeiting does not occur all too often. If so, you might be surprised to learn that in 2007, Microsoft filed over fifty lawsuits in nearly two dozen countries against sellers allegedly hawking counterfeit software online. Aside from the fact that piracy is illegal, you could be at risk for other problems if you are not using a genuine copy or Microsoft Word. There is an increased chance of acquiring a virus or installing corrupt software. Microsoft reports that a quarter of the websites accessed offering counterfeit products tried to install unwanted and malicious software.

So how can you be certain that the versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office applications are genuine? Fortunately, the Certificate of Authenticity makes it much simpler to do so.

If you purchased your copy of Microsoft Office from a retailer – whether an online merchant or brick and mortar vendor – your Certificate of Authenticity will be attached to the top of the package your CD came in. The product name should be clearly printed on this label, and there will be a see-through “Port-Hole™” showing noticeable paper fibers. There is also a metallic thread, similar to what you would find inside a newer American dollar bill, woven across this “Port-Hole™.” If you carefully tear the edge of the Certificate of Authenticity near this thread, you can check for legitimacy by determining that this thread is really woven in and not simply imprinted.

As mentioned earlier, you may have purchased a computer with Microsoft Word and other Office applications pre-installed. If so, your Certificate of Authenticity will be included with your packaging or recovery disk. While there will not be a “Port-Hole™,” you can still look for the revealing metallic thread.