New Features of Windows Movie Maker Version 6.0: Video Editor for Windows Vista

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When Microsoft released Windows Vista; it has also enhanced some of the useful applications that come tied with the OS. One of these applications which were enhanced for their Vista version was Windows Movie Maker 6.0. However, despite the big improvements in the Vista OS, Microsoft has not really changed Windows Movie Maker too much. But the minor upgrades of Windows Movie Maker for Vista were still worth trying and implementing on your video production, especially if you have been using the old WMM too much and you’re already tired of its transition effects and other features. Among the improvements/new features introduced by Microsoft to the latest WMM importing and organizing video files, creating movies, video sharing, and high-definition video quality.

Quick import and easy video file organization

WMM quickly detects your digital video or still camera the moment you connect it to your PC. AS quick as detecting your video capture device, WMM also immediately display the video import wizard. In addition, if you are importing video files, you are given the option to automatically import from your tape and burn it directly to a DVD. WMM also allows you to edit, preview, rate, and tag your videos right in Windows Photo Gallery, as well as quickly find previously tagged videos.

Creating a home video becomes easier than before

Windows Movie Maker now allows you to access it from many locations within. Like we said, you can preview your video using Windows Photo Gallery and right there and then you can create your movie even without leaving the gallery and going to WMM manually. All you need to do is select MAKE A MOVIE from the pull-down menus and WMM will be automatically launched. It will then import your content and start generating an “AutoMovie.” It even includes video titles, credits and transitions.

WMM Now Supports High Definition Video formats

Since high definition videos are getting popular lately, Microsoft now allows you to edit video content you recorded using your HD camcorders or cameras for as long as they support HDV format. This feature is only true for the Home Premium and Ultimate Windows editions of Windows Vista. In addition, these two versions of WMM allow you to edit native MPEG-2 content. When saving this HD video, you can use Windows Media HD which allows you to play your HD video on PCs as well as on an Xbox 360 console. By using Windows Media HD, WMM allows you to preserve the HD quality of you video without eating up too much of your PC’s storage space since HD videos’ file sizes are also reduced.

WMM for Vista Makes Video Sharing an Ease

Sharing your WMM-created video content is also now easier to do. Aside from giving you various format options of either 720p or 1080p, you can also scale your video into an email-friendly smaller format. But the best part isthat WMM now includes a facility for directly creating your DVD video right on WMM via the Windows DVD Maker. You can start burning your video onto a DVD right after you click on Publish Movie in WMM. Windows DVD Maker will then burn your DVD video in MPEG-2 format.