How to Add and Remove Hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel 2007

How to Add and Remove Hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel 2007
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Right-click on the cell in your Excel 2007 worksheet to which you want to add a link and select Hyperlink. (Click the image below for a larger view.)

This action will cause the Insert Hyperlink window to appear on your screen. First, note the column on the far left side of this window with the heading Link to.

Hyperlink Options

We’ll look at each option from this column separately.

Existing File or Web Page – Use this option if you want to link to a web page or to another file on your hard drive. If you want to link to a web page, you can either type or paste the URL of that page into the Address field. For files on your hard drive, you can either manually enter the directory path of the file in the Address field or browse for the item in the main area of the Insert Hyperlink window. See the screenshot above for an example.

Place in This Document – This option allows you to link to any cell in the current Excel workbook whether it is in the same worksheet or another sheet in that file. To use this option, click on the sheet that you want to link to and enter the cell name (such as A1, B3, etc.) in the field underneath Type the cell reference.

Link to Cell in Document

Create New Document – With this option, you can create a new document from right within Excel 2007, adding a hyperlink to it as you create it. Type in the name you wish to give your new file and then you can decide to either Edit the new document later or Edit the new document now. If you want to store the newly created file in a different directory, click on the Change button to browse to the location of your choice.

Create New Document

E-mail Address – If you want your link to open up a new message in the user’s e-mail application, select this option. The only field that you must fill out for this type of link is the E-mail address area. Entering information for the Subject is optional, but if you do include it, that information will show up as the default subject for the user composing the message.

Link to Email Address

Once you’ve selected which option to use and entered the necessary information, click OK and you will be returned to Excel with the hyperlink in place.

If you need to either edit or remove a hyperlink, right-click on the cell that you wish to modify. Then select either Edit Hyperlink or Remove Hyperlink, depending on the action you want to take.

Remove a Hyperlink

If you choose to remove the hyperlink, it will disappear immediately and you’ll be returned to the Excel spreadsheet. If you are editing the hyperlink instead, an Edit Hyperlink window will open that is identical to the Insert Hyperlink one discussed in the previous section and it can be modified in the same manner.