Save Favorite Feature Films, Subscribe to TV Series, and Set Up A Tailored Account At

Save Favorite Feature Films, Subscribe to TV Series, and Set Up A Tailored Account At
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Welcome to the 4th and final part of the of my Bright Hub series looking at the online video site, In this section, I will explore my experiences setting up an account, searching for videos, subscribing to series, and placing movies in my queue.

After spending time on exploring TV shows and feature films, I decided that it was a place I wanted to spend some time. So I set up a user profile. There were a lot of features available that I wasn’t going to use, such as commenting on the message boards and uploading a photo of myself. But, what I could do was subscribe to my favorite television shows and save feature films in a queue to view later. The process was simple and familiar with questions like: How old are you? What is your email address? Do you want to get a newsletter?

Comedy Movies on

Once I went through the motions, it was time to search for videos. This was a bit of a process. Since TV shows, films, and clips were categorized together by channel, it was hard to separate the three at first. First, I tried to right click on the Feature Films link found on the right hand side of the screen and open the movies in a new tab but this only opened the same page in another tab.

I found it easiest to first open a channel I was interested in. I then opened another tab displaying the same website. In one tab I opened the link for TV Full Episodes and in the other I opened the link for Feature Films. This let me search both categories easily.

Movie Selection on

Movie in Que on

To subscribe to a television series and receive email alerts for new episodes I clicked the icon below the episode for Subscribe. A check appeared when the subscription was complete. To put a movie in my queue, I clicked the link for the movie underneath the movie poster. This brought me to another page where I could learn more about the movie, read what critics and other users thought about it, and add it to my queue. Be patient with these two features. They both took a little time to register, but they both registered successfully.

Thank you for joining me as I explored I hope that you’ll surf over there yourself to start enjoying your favorite TV programs and feature films.

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