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Welcome to the 3rd part of the 4-part Bright Hub series that looks at the online video site, In this section, I will explore my experiences with watching a full movie, advertisements and all.

I felt like it was old hat when it came to watching full length movies online. I’d been a Netflix subscriber since they started, and I’d been watching movies with their online viewer as long as it’s been around. So I was apprehensive about watching a movie on a free site when I was used to the quality that came with my paid subscription to Netflix.

Choosing a movie to watch was a little more difficult than choosing a television program. The movies were in the same channels as the TV programs so I searched the most popular to begin with. There were quite a few, and I went with a movie that I liked and had seen before. I was presented with the same viewing options as the TV program I had previously watched, yet I was not bombarded with an ad at the top of the screen until the middle of the movie, which was probably a glitch, but a blessing nonetheless.

I was, however, overwhelmed with ads. The film faded seamlessly into 11 different commercial breaks through the film, and in order to view the movie in its best quality, I needed to pause and buffer after each break. This was annoying and the message board below the film was full of users who agreed with me. The ads lined up on the time bar like a well-paced jog; there were more breaks at the start and finish with longer strides in the middle. I wished that

Watching a Movie on

the commercials were spaced evenly because the buffering only lasted for half the length of the longest section. This required I stop and buffer some more. But again, the movie was completely free.

Putting the ads aside – Wow. The movie quality on is better than any other website I’d tried on any connection, ever. And yes, this includes my paid subscription to Netflix. After I explored the site a little longer, I noticed that they had a section to set up an account, create a queue, get RSS feeds, and subscribe to favorite shows. Join me as I go through this process in the final part of Watching TV Online with Hulu.

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This 4 part series introduces readers to and evaluates the site’s ability to provide users with free full length TV episodes and movies. Learn how to play videos from on your desktop as well as how to set up an account and subscribe to your favorite programs.

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