Buring a data DVD with Windows Media Player, a How To guide.

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Before we begin this whole process I need to make it clear to you that when I am talking about how to burn a DVD with Windows Media Player I am not talking about the kind that you can watch a movie in your DVD player on. Windows Media Player is simply not able to burn that kind of DVD.

What you can burn is a data DVD or an audio CD (which you can listen to in a CD player). Better that you should find out that Media Player doesn’t support burning movies to DVD up front before you try burn a disk and maybe have the unlucky recipient of what was supposed to be your baby’s first steps be sorely disappointed. Also, now you can’t call me a technology tease.

Let’s get started.

The Step by Step

Step One: Open Windows Media Player and click on the “Burn” tab. This should be easy to find, just look up top. If you don’t see it there, click on View, then Full Mode. Then click the the Burn tab.

Step Two: Here you will see an arrow click on that arrow and then, choose the words “Data CD or DVD”. If DVD isn’t showing up, that IS a DVD burner you have, right? Not just a CD-RW/DVD player as is found in some laptops? If so, stop here as you’re obviously not going to be able to burn a DVD with one of those.

Step Three: Put a blank DVD into your drive. If you have multiple drives you may have to select your drive

Step Four: If you have to empty your list from the last burn click on the “clear list done” button. If all you need to do is locate then just skip right to that. Just use the “search” feature, then drag and drop.

Step Five: Set the order by dragging things up and down the list as need be. You can do this as much as you need to in order to get things in the perfect order.

Step Six: Burn the DVD by clicking on the “start burn” button. Now just watch your progress and enjoy your disk.

See, that was really easy. I know that you would be unable to do this without any trouble. Enjoy your DVD.

What can I do with a Data DVD!

With a data DVD you can do a lot of things including:

- Moving very large files from one computer to another, or for moving the whole of your music library.

- Backing up your computer systems, or just some files without using an online service.

- Making a music disk that will last you a very long time, in the right player that is.