Buying a Wireless G Router: Best Wireless Routers for the first time buyer

Buying a Wireless G Router: Best Wireless Routers for the first time buyer
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Not sure what Wireless G is? Check out: What is Wireless G?

Before we go any further, this list will not include basic, standard Wireless G routers, as we assume that you already know how the standard router works. This guide instead will examine routers that have upgraded features, such as speed boost and range boost. What does this mean? With one or both of these features, the router will cost a little bit more, but you will experience a stronger signal and a better internet connection.

What is Range Boost?

A range boost on any router or adapter allows for an extended signal range for both indoors and outdoors. The strength of this range boost will vary depending on various brands. Some offer up to double the speed of a standard Wireless G router, and some can offer up to four times that strength. Range boost is appropriate if you need to extend your network (such as for an office), but is also appropriate for the home.

What is Speed Boost?

A standard Wireless G router allows for a speed of 54Mbps, but a router with a speed boost extends that rate to 100Mbps and sometimes higher. This is a great feature to have for businesses, but also appropriate for the home if your internet provider allows transfer speeds up to those rates.

How this guide works:

Essentially, we’re going to look at different brands of routers, the features that they offer, and their retail price. Hopefully, what you’ll get out of this is a better understanding of which brands offer in regards to features, and how much you will have to spend for each brand.


Belkin High-Speed Mode Wireless G Router

Retails for: $50

Features: Speed boost (transfer rates of up to 125Mbps)About: Belkin is typically known for their audio and video accessories, but have expanded into designing wireless hardware. It also comes packed with a lifetime warranty (like other Belkin products) and 6 months of free spyware and adware protection. [See image 2]

D-Link Xtreme G 802.11g Wireless Router (DI-624)

Retails for: $50

Features: Speed boost (transfer rates of up to 108Mbps)

About: D-Link is one of the most reasonably priced routers on the market, and you won’t take a hit in quality. In comparison to other brands, particularly if you’re not looking to spend an awful lot, this is the way to go. [See image 4]

D-Link RangeBooster Wireless G Router (WBR-2310)

Retails for: $60

Features: Speed boost (transfer rate of up to 108Mbps); Range boost (extended signal range)

About: For only a slight increase in price compared to the DI-624 model reviewed above, you’ll experience an extended range. Perfect for businesses. [See image 5]

TRENDnet Wireless 108Mbps G+ Router (TEW-452BRP)

Retails for: $70

Features: Speed boost (transfer rate of up to 108Mbps)

About: TRENDnet promises compatibility with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), and they specialize in wireless networking. It has numerous awards, as well as a three-year warranty, but TRENDnet is a bit of investment as compared to other brands. It promises performance and quality. [See image 6]

Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router With SpeedBooster (WRT54GS-CA)

Retails for: $90

Features: Speed boost

About: Linksys is one of the more costly routers on the market, but offers award-winning technical support as well as high quality performance. [See image 8]

Linksys Wireless-G VPN Router With RangeBooster (WRV200)

Retails for: $100

Features: Speed boost (transfer rate of up to 100Mbps); Range boost

About: This particular router is designed and geared towards businesses, and only costs slightly more than the WRT54GS-CA model reviewed above. For optimal transfer rates and signal strength, Linksys is the brand of choice amongst many users. [See image 9]


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