Excel Help: Send Excel File As An Attachment, By Mr. Excel

Excel Help: Send Excel File As An Attachment, By Mr. Excel
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Strategy: Use File – Send To – Mail Recipient (as Attachment), as shown in Fig. 84. This will open something that you will swear is the Outlook Send Mail dialog. Fill out the addressee list, a subject, and click send as shown in Fig. 85.

Gotcha: Although this looks like Outlook, you are actually using an Excel version of the dialog. You will find that while this dialog is displayed, you cannot access other Outlook e-mails. This is a problem. What if you receive a file from someone not in your address book, edit the file and then need to send it back? You will find that you need to access the original e-mail to get the sender’s e-mail address, but you cannot switch to another e-mail message until you’ve sent this one.

The solution is to press the Save icon in the Standard toolbar of the email dialog. Then use the Close X icon in the upper right corner of the window. This will save the unfinished e-mail from Excel to the Outlook inbox and return you to Excel. You can now safely switch back to the original Outlook e-mail to get the address.

Summary: To send an Excel file without leaving Excel, use File – Send To.

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Fig. 85