Windows Remote Desktop - Setting up Remote Desktop with WizHelp

Windows Remote Desktop - Setting up Remote Desktop with WizHelp
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Remote Desktop for Free

WizHelp offers free remote desktop connection through Internet Explorer or Firefox. Wizhelp’s technology uses Sun’s java engine to virtually give you remote control of a desktop without software. Currently, Wizhelp is in beta, but it’s free. It is the perfect solution for home users needing or giving support.


With WizHelp, you can cut out the trips to your family’s homes to repair their computer. Registration is free and requires very little information from the technician or ‘helper’. Registration only requires your name, a username, password and valid email address. Once registration is complete, you must validate your email address and activate the account in order to begin using WizHelp.

Once you activate the account, you can return to WizHelp and begin to use the web based application. The application’s simplistic approach allows even the most novice user to reap the benefits of being able to connect to someone who can help with their computer problem.

Picture two below shows the basic profile screen.


The Help Center

The Help Center is the remote tab for the family technician or ‘helper’. A small java applet will run during the initial setup. This applet provides the virtual control and communication for this program. This screen offers a view of the users requesting your assistance. This screen also offers several options for remote control. The options given for the user to chat with the other user allows for real time communication. The initial connect would more than likely come through a phone call. Other options include controlling another computer, giving control, sharing the screens between the users.

Help Center and Java

Finding a User and Requesting Help

Using the Internet Based Application

In order to use this internet based application as stated above, one of the users will have to register. Once registered, this user, generally the ‘helper’ providing support logs in and goes to the help center. The user wanting assistance simply goes to and searches for the screen name of the ‘helper’. Once the user is found, the user request assistance and the person helping should agree after a pop up window shows the request. This process from registration to connection takes about fifteen minutes.

Both users do need the latest greatest Java, and the person requesting help of course needs the internet.

WizHelp is one of the cutting edge technologies being used today that provides assistance for home users. This internet application breaks ground by offering a free much needed service on the internet.

WizHelp’s web based application. Link

Sun Microsystems’ Java Link